Weight Loss Journey Day 54

The pastor said it again. How we need to be willing to knock on our neighbor’s door, even if we don’t know them. How this Christmas season we can all find someone who has less than we do, even if we have little.

I’m reminded of that house I passed on my walk the other day. I felt like I was supposed to see if they needed food. Did I really hear God? It’s hard to knock on a total strangers door–and what if I offend them?

I prayed if He really wanted me to knock on that door He would keep it on my mind and open a space in my schedule to pack up boxes to take to them. Thank God for the food others have given us. I have enough to share.

cinnamon roll I made

My caramel cinnamon rolls–one of the family recipes from Jerry’s mom’s side of the family.

Went to a party tonight. Lots of wonderful, HEAVY food. Potato soup and casseroles and breads and . . . Went farther over calorie count than I have in a long time. I really should have made time for exercise today. Although I usually take Sundays off. UGH!

Real Time Update:

This post reminds me of Sunday of this week. We had a beautiful, deep snow. All the kids were home–and some extras. They sledded. I baked my famous cinnamon rolls and homemade pizza. We ate heavy. I wish I’d tempered my amounts a little, had a salad and a piece of pizza instead of two pieces of pizza. But I also have come to understand that there are celebrations days when the food is part of the special experience. I shouldn’t go overboard, eating to the point of discomfort, but it’s okay to enjoy a special day with my family and eat things I don’t eat consistently. This week I’m focusing extra on being really wise and healthy, since Sunday wasn’t. One day doesn’t crash health or weight loss. Lifestyle does.

What About You?

Any interior promptings you don’t know what to do with? How about a favorite food you’ve had to eat in moderation to stay on track with your goals?


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey Day 54

  1. agentjanparrish February 27, 2013 at 4:38 pm Reply

    Yes, we made brownies yesterday because my granddaughter was asking for them.She had two bites and then she was done. (Now there’s a lesson.) She had more fun mixing, licking the spoon and pouring sprinkles on them. As I watch her, I’m learning the importance of being ‘present in the moment.’

  2. Paula Moldenhauer February 28, 2013 at 3:26 pm Reply

    What a beautiful family moment, Jan. And yes . . . if we could stop with a couple of bites and be present in the experience . . .

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