Weight Loss Journey Day 56

by Tonya Vander

photo by Tonya Vander, who now studies at Columbia University. God is the Giver of good dreams!

I did it! Got up and walked before I left for my Tuesday appointments and the Christmas movie time with my crit group. Tuesdays are hard, and it feels good to get up early and exercise before I start my busy day. It’s a good thing I exercised this morning because there were treats everywhere at the Christmas movie celebration. *Sigh* Calorie count: 1341, a little higher than I wanted. But I did burn 367 calories with exercise or it would have been much worse.

After the movie time we had a prayer time with Tonya, who is moving to attend college at the prestigious Columbia University. Another God story but hers to tell. Suffice it to say that even after your kids move out, God can give you your dreams. Beautiful time praying with my friends. (Btw, Tonya’s photography and devotional thoughts by Robbie Iobst can be enjoyed in this gorgeous calendar, published by Harpstring.)

I’m still stalled out. Do you think it is because we told the world I was trying to lose weight???? Ugh!

(But Jerry says I’m still losing inches. I haven’t had the heart to measure, so I’m not sure.)           ~December 18, 2012


I crack myself up, reading these old journals. Yes, I lost inches. Yes, I keep losing weight. Plateaus happen.

Today I learned something that made my day. When my husband talked with his mom yesterday she told him she prays everyday that I will meet my weight loss goal.

That totally rocks.

What About You?

Where do you find support in your weight loss/get healthy journey? How do you keep a good attitude when you are doing your best and hit a plateau? Have you been given a dream you thought long gone?


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