Bursting with Promise (Day 85)

white bark blue skyAfter day after day of frigid weather, it was 32 degrees when I awoke and checked the temperature. My spirits lifted at the thought of walking in sunshine and fresh air.

Here’s what I posted to Facebook when I returned home after three miles of walking, singing, praying, and just ENJOYING being out there:

Wonderful, glorious day. First I shed my gloves, then my scarf, and finally my coat. Couldn’t help but start singin’, too. Praising God for the snow-topped mountains, the abundant blue sky, the warm sunshine, and the smiles of those I passed.

THEN hubby decided he was strong enough to walk a short ways, despite his back issue. So I got another 20 minutes in the sunshine, this time with my lover, and burned 131 calories.

So . . .  I’m making one of my favorite dinners tonight even though the calorie count is a little higher. I can afford it because I walked roughly four miles total. The meal is still pretty healthy—chicken breasts in a wonderful garlic sauce . . . and I’ll have my salad instead of a whole bunch of pasta. Off to make dinner ya’ll . . . until next time!                                                                                                                     ~ January 16, 2013

Real Time Update:

It’s been a crazy week at the Moldenhauer’s. After 20 years of neglect, we totally decluttered our shared office and moved it upstairs into a gorgeous, freshly painted room. we’ve done a lot of shedding of weight in so many areas of our life! I’m down a steady 40 pounds now. Our home lost many more pounds in old files, old books, and stuff that is no longer needed. But as freeing as the increased space and decreased clutter is the emotional freedom that comes from letting go. Gone are files from old jobs, old dreams, our old life. I found a card in the midst of the decluttering:

The past, dissolving in the mist of time

Our future, ready for birth,

This moment, bright with promise,

Is yours and mine.



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