It’s Me! Really! (Day 87)

Today a friend who hadn’t seen me in a few months walked right past me. When I greeted her she said, “I wondered who that elegant blond was.”

“Yeah, right.” I replied.

“No! I really didn’t recognize you.”

Something similar happened earlier this week when one of my daughter’s best friends didn’t greet me. Suddenly she hopped up from her chair and said, “Miss Paula! You were so skinny I didn’t recognize you!”

It’s affirming to know that there really is a difference. This weight loss journey isn’t just in my head. It really is happening. But even more enlighting than my friend’s comment this morning was my trip with Jerry to Sam’s Club.

He pointed to the sugar and asked me to pick up three 10 pound bags. I could barely hold them. I got his point. That’s the extra weight I’ve lugged around all this time! I couldn’t believe how heavy they were.

I put a picture on fb. I love how encouraging people have been about my weight loss journey, once my daughter spilled the beans and I publically admitted it. Over 100 people liked the sugar picture, and I had a whole bunch of comments. It blew me away.

Oh, and my walk was gorgeous this morning. Strolled that new nature trail I found. I was greeted by the twitter of birds. Such a joyful sound! It climbed right through me and made me smile, too.

~  January 19, 2013

Real Time Update:

You can read more about my sugar bag picture (or view it) here. I’ve thought about taking a new sugar picture. Now I could hold FOUR ten pound bags. I love feeling normal again. If you’re on this weight loss journey, too, don’t get discouraged. It’s so WORTH the effort.

How About You?

Any fun friend comments? How many bags of sugar have you lost? How many do you want to lose?


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