A New Prayer Walk Experience (Day 88)

Strange walking day. Drawn to and repulsed by a certain route, I followed my gut. I ended up in a unique situation where I sensed God wanted me to pray for a whole bunch of people I didn’t know.

So I did.

I walked through the crowd and prayed inside my heart.

At one point I felt assaulted—not by anything physical, but the feeling was so strong I took a step back. I looked to my right and a young man stood there staring at me, like he knew what I was up to and didn’t like it. His gaze was threatening.

I stared back.

Neither of us spoke, but I truly believe his spirit and mine had a confrontation. It was really weird.

I left the area then walked out and around the block where this gathering was. I praised God and prayed for light to penetrate darkness. That Scripture has been on my mind more than any other the last few months as I’ve fought my way back to health after the car accident:

“In Him (Jesus) was life and that life was the Light of all mankind. And the light penetrated the darkness andlight in dark the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1—writing from memory, I think I’m quoting the New International Version)

That’s so often my prayer now—for the True Light to penetrate the darkness of my life, of my neighborhood, of my world.                                                                              ~January 19, 2013

Real Time Update:

Yesterday I met a woman walking through a very difficult time. As I prayed for her I saw a picture in my mind of a path. It was pitch black all around her, but a bright light shone on her next step, then became a beam ahead of her, illuminating where she was to walk, even though the darkness was still on all sides. Makes me think again about that verse, how light penetrates darkness every time, how God will show us next steps, how He never leaves us consumed by the darkness.

How About You?

Where is light penetrating your darkness?


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One thought on “A New Prayer Walk Experience (Day 88)

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