For Love or Because of Love (Day 103)

“Do you lose weight to gain love or are you able to lose weight because you are loved?” This question, which I read in the Made to Crave Devotional, made me stop and think.

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I  don’t know if I could have chosen to deal with my weight issues if I hadn’t first felt loved. I’ve been around long enough to know that if I don’t feel loved when I’m heavy, dropping a few pounds isn’t going to solve the issue.

What I cling to is this Truth: Heavy or thin, we are completely loved and accepted by the One who made us. He has brushed our hearts with His mercy and declared us good and beautiful and treasured. When the weight loss journey is hard, I press into that truth. I ask Him to help me persevere because I know He loves me and cares about my journey.

I don’t lose weight to gain His love or anyone else’s. This journey is an act of giving love to myself, the One who made me, and those who already love me. We all need me stronger and healthier. We all want me lighter in heart and body.  The rewards come to all of us.                                Feb. 3, 2013

What About You?

Do you lose weight to be loved or because you are loved? Can you see how losing weight is a way of giving love?


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