Can I do it? (Day 111)

I’m giving myself a week off from recording every bite that goes into my mouth. I want to see if I’ve learned to eat healthy enough that I can make good choices without that detailed logging and the accountability of knowing my calorie count. I’m trying it for a week. If I’ve lost nothing—or heaven forbid gained—I plan to return to being best friends with My Fitness Pal. My hope is that the last 17 weeks (119 days) have been focused enough to start a new lifestyle and that eating right has become a habit.

Also trying to understand my activity choices. I had a lot to accomplish today, and I worked so hard I had no self-control to stop. I should have set an alarm and walked to my doctor’s appointment so I didn’t miss exercise.  I know part of my journey is learning BALANCE. When I couldn’t work it was easier to exercise. Now that I’m returning to a more normal work load, it is really hard to prioritize my health, but I KNOW it is imperative.

On a fun note, at HIS Writers tonight I was given a few minutes to talk about ACFW Colorado. When I got up front they teased me so much about my cute new clothes and body that I had to make them stop so I could do my job! LOVE having cheerleaders! ~ February 11, 2013

Real Time Update:

It’s May, and that means prom! Couldn’t resist sharing a picture of my very handsome boys all dressed up for the big event that happened last week.


Sam and Stephen Moldenhauer. Aren’t they handsome?

How About You?

Does anyone give you GOOD teasing about your journey? Do you use alarms, apps, journals, blogs, or other tracking devices to keep you on track?


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