Progress Not Perfection: Days 112 and 113

The journey to a healthier body is more about forward movement than perfect execution. Just read these in my weight loss journal:

Day 112  Walked over four miles today. Amazing how the miles fly when I’m on the phone! It felt good to get back outside after three days without walking. ~ Feb. 12

Day 113 Another busy, busy day . . . and I didn’t exercise. I think I’m doing okay with what I’m eating since I quit recording everything in My Fitness Pal, but knowing I don’t have to look at the calories drop on the app makes it easier to snitch that little bite of chocolate or other unhealthy foods. I need to watch that. ~ Feb. 13

Here it is May. If I were still writing in my weight loss journal, the entries for this week would look a lot like those above. There were day I ate light and days I didn’t. Days when I exercised and days when I didn’t. Days when I did some focused work on the spots that need toning, and days I didn’t. But overall, I’m not blowing off the journey. I’ve learned to be mindful about what goes in my mouth and how often I move.

sit upEven without perfection, the scale was less this morning. My clothes fit better. I’m healthier.

It’s not the daily perfection; it’s the forward progress.

It’s not quitting because I had a bad day yesterday; it’s living in the new mercies of each day.

Have a beautiful, healthy day, my friends! Enjoy some sunshine. Do five sit-ups. Eat something healthy. Turn away from a choice that would hold you back and turn toward one that propels you forward!

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It’s not the daily perfection; it’s the forward progress

How About You? What one choice will you make today that is forward progress?


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