Determination and Discipline (Day 116)

Stephen wins tournament 6

MMA takes determination and disciple. My son Stephen is NOT a free spirit. He thrives on schedules. Free spirit or not, determination and discipline pays off!

Determination and discipline. How intimidating!

As I processed the next journal entry in my weight loss saga, I keyed in on the phrase: I guess it comes back to determination and discipline.

Here’s the thing. Unlike my determined and disciplined son in the picture to the right, I’m a free spirit. I like flowing streams, flowing skirts (which are more fun to wear without that extra weight, just sayin’), and free-flowing days.

I do NOT appreciate rigid schedules, rigid routines, rigid relationships, rigid clothes . . .

Of course these two concepts something collide in the area of disciplined exercise. I tell myself, “you should schedule in your exercise time so you can be sure it will happen.”

Self replies, “I’ll schedule a space for it, but I’ll decide when that space is when I get there.”

Whether you thrive in structure or in days that flow, getting and staying healthy takes discipline and determination.

I have learned that the days I am scheduled away from home I HAVE to have a plan, or I’m doing what the old adage says, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Work days at home, however, can be a little more free-flow, but they still require discipline. I can choose to walk when I need a break or the birds are singing the most sweetly or the sunshine peeks in the window and calls my name. But I must choose to walk.

Even us free spirits have to have the discipline and determination to follow through when we get the call.   It helps me to determine in my heart that taking care of my body is a priority. When the work piles up or I’m lost in a focused, creative moment, I have to remember that I am a priority, not just my responsibilities. I must remember I have a goal to be stronger and healthier; not just a goal to finish my work. And if I choose the work pile or the creative focus, then I need to treat my health goal like I would treat a work deadline and make exercise happen later.

Day 116 ~ Jerry actually walked with me! The hills hurt his back injury, so we ended up at the track. He still has to walk slowly, so I tried jogging around the track to lap him. I almost ran two laps to his one walking. I can’t believe I even tried it. It’s so not me. But it felt good.

I had an amazing writing day. I think breaking to walk helped me work out a couple of places where I stalled out. It’s hard to know how to manage work and exercise. It seems like if I don’t do exercise first thing in the day it is hard to make myself stop working to exercise. On the other hand it feels more beneficial to my work if I break partway through.

I guess it comes back to determination and discipline. If I don’t exercise before I start working, then I have to make myself stop later.  ~ Feb. 16, 2013

Encouragement to share:

Determination + Discipline = Success

Free spirits can be determined and disciplined, too!

I’m a priority, not just my responsibilities!


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