Daily Choices (Days 126 & 127)

Healthy weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen quickly. In the posts below I’m chronicling changes that have taken place over 127 days–roughly 4 months. In that time I went from wearing a size 16 or 1x in pants to buying a medium!

Sometimes I fear sharing my journal entries is a bit mundane, but folks, they are real life, and that is what weight loss is. It’s the daily choice to try a new, healthy food. To exercise. To be  think through choices. To make a healthy recipe. To go heavy on the salad and light on the pizza. To choose nutrition. To take a walk. To be intentional about portions. To care for the inner self. To enjoy food, but not let it control you To identify bad thought patterns. To choose a healthy program that is GOOD for YOU. (I chose BeNew)

This is how weight is lost. This is how bodies are strengthened.

And so I share slices of my journey.

IMAG0647Day 126: I made homemade humus for the first time! It’s easy! And healthy. Unfortunately I’d gone too long without eating and ate my humus too fast, too much, and too late. Busy, busy day. No exercise. That’s frustrating. But I DID get to the store to buy almond milk. I’m hooked on it and my BENew shake.

Despite the rushing around, I had a great lunch–homemade pizza the right way. Huge salad. One piece of pizza! HA! ~Feb. 26

Day 127: Scale dropping again! Yay! Grabbed a pair of sweats at Wal-medium!mart because mine were so lose it was hard to wear them when I exercised. I got a large—had been used to plus sizes. Large was too big. Had to go back for a medium. Can’t remember the last time I bought M in anything!

Disappointed that I’ve walked about half of what I did in January, and the month is almost over. Trying to prioritize walking again. Walked 3 miles. ~ Feb. 27

How About You:

Would love to hear some slices of YOUR journey!

To ponder and tweet:

Weight loss is one healthy choice. Then another.

Healthy weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen quickly.


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