God’s Real Life Fairy Tale (Part III)

The big day finally arrived! (If you want the beginning of the story read this and this.)

brides snacksSunday started early with a Safeway run. I wanted to entice Sarah and her bridesmaids to EAT as they prepared for the big day, so I put together a platter of fruit as well as some meats and cheeses to send to the venue with our fabulous wedding coordinator, Niki, who took time out from their family ministry to take care of us!

I wanted light, refreshing food that would feel healthy and not heavy. My new healthy eating habits made this even more important to me. At the store I even splurged on blueberries, which are Sarah’s favorite. I never did ask her if she ate any. Those girls were spoiled because Niki took treats to them as well. AND she dropped off two crockpots of food at my house so my boys could enjoy a big lunch since the guys were not to arrive at the venue until afternoon.

Then it was off to get my hair done. My cosmetologist daughter sent me with four photos of updos so the stylist could capture exactly the look we wanted, and the stylist did just that. There was another amazing God moment. The stylist charged only what the salon required, saying she wanted to give Sarah and me a gift. Every time I turned around through this wedding week God provided blessing and provision. The whole wedding experience was clearly an example of the love of a generous community.

mom updo

I am overwhelmed.

At the venue Sarah’s talented co-workers dressed up her bridesmaids with amazing hairstyles while friends and family prepared the venue.

preparing venue 1

At almost every wedding in our circle there has been a bit of a cake fiasco that had to be rescued, so our wedding planner, Maggie, begged us to order from her favorite bakery instead of having a friend do the cake. Would you believe that one of the cakes was delivered with a slight mishap? I’ve started calling our friend Monique the cake whisperer because she rescued yet another cake at Sarah and David’s wedding, despite the professional delivery.

cake fix

Monique also blessed Sarah and David creating all the floral arrangements for this event. Sarah and David and their friends made over 600 duct tape flowers, which Monique incorporated along with fresh flowers. Sarah’s bouquet actually included roses made for Sarah by David. Her first bouquet from him when they were dating included duck tape roses.

wedding, Darlene's disk (83)

Monique also used the duct tape flowers in the boutonnieres and corsages.


This is my corsage. A fun aside is that there is a pride and prejudice charm in it to symbolize Sarah find the man she says is, “even better than Mr. Darcy.” Ronda’s mother corsage had a special charm, too, which symbolized her open heart in welcoming Sarah to the family.

wedding, Darlene's disk (84)

Sarah’s something old was her veil. A friend and I worked for some time taking apart my wedding veil and recreating it for Sarah. I embroidered silver threads into the appliques we took from my wedding hat.

Veil - mom's embroidery

Embroidered appliques taken from my wedding hat (worn 1989)

My talented friend Kordee arranged them across the tail of the veil, scattered sequins and pearls across the veil, and reassembled the veil on a comb for Sarah.

veil - Copy

Sarah also wore a lovely heart charm for her something borrowed. It was loaned to her by her honorary grandmother, Bernice. Her something new was a beautiful necklace from David, and her something blue was a piece of her dad’s blue T-shirt, tucked in her gown next to her heart. When her daddy heard this idea, he immediately pulled out a blue T-shirt from his honeymoon.


As Sarah dressed her matron of honor and maid of honor joined mom in helping her make final preparations. A fun aside is that two of mom’s bridesmaids from 1989 were also in the room, helping mom and Sarah dress.

getting ready

Ashley, Matron of Honor, Sarah, Jennie, Maid of Honor

caryl, Kristin, Paula

Caryl, 1989 matron of honor, Paula, Kristin, 1989 bridesmaid

Sarah and David chose to do a “reveal” so they saw each other before the wedding, all dressed up. They shared a private moment together, then took lots of pictures!

Sarah - shh!

 Yes those pictures may have included running through fields and climbing trees. (Some of the pictures in this post were from my phone, but the professional ones were taken by my very talented friend, Kim of the Creative Pixel. She and I have been loyal friends for years, as have her daughter and Sarah. In fact, Kim’s daughter, Ashley, was the matron of honor.)

Before - dancing in field



Sarah and David’s siblings got into the posing fun by supposedly pulling the couple apart in front of the big red barn.


And the bridal party did all kinds of clever poses, too.

David and groomsmen

Sam (Brides’s Brother), Seth (Brides’s Brother), Bryan (best man), David (groom), Andrew, Jackie, Stephen (Brides’s Brother)

sarah and groomsmen - fun! 1

Sarah and bridesmaids

Bridesmaids clockwise around Sarah: Jessica (Groom’s Sister), Kristina (Groom’s Sister), Krysta, Lydia (Jr. Bridesmaid and bride’s niece), Ashley (Matron of Honor), Jennie (Maid of Honor), and Stephany (sister of groom)

And throughout all the picture taking, David and Sarah often found time to touch noses, give hugs, and kiss!



Soon it was time for everyone to get into their places. Sarah waited on the interior balcony of the farmhouse and peeked out the window watching the guests arrive. The ceremony would soon begin!

almost time


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5 thoughts on “God’s Real Life Fairy Tale (Part III)

  1. mariekeates May 31, 2013 at 10:23 pm Reply

    Loving the sneakers.

  2. Rose McCauley June 1, 2013 at 2:13 am Reply

    Paula, thanks so much for sharing your joys and your insights about this special journey. I even wrote down your quotes about “dancing in droplets of blessing and “embracing abundance” in my prayer journal to remind me where God wants me to dwell with Him! Love you!

    • Paula Moldenhauer June 1, 2013 at 3:54 am Reply

      So glad this touched you enough for you to capture it in your journal! I’m thinking that’s part of what this blog is for me, a way to capture the truth that can feel so fleeting and hang onto the beautiful things HE has done.

  3. Niki June 7, 2013 at 6:08 am Reply

    I absolutely LOVED being a part of the wedding! It was an honor to serve your family. I’m so thankful for the years of friendship we all share, and the many memories we have yet to make. 🙂

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