Another Hydration Tip

How are you doing with drinking that water? Even after all these months I find it difficult to keep up my water intake.

Just a minute.

(“Much better,” she says, sipping the cool, clear, slightly flavored water she’s about to discuss.)

Today’s tip comes from my friend Monique. She snipped a few stems of lemon balm from her backyard, lemon grass waterwhich is one of my very favorites. Though not especially large, it boasts little paths through trees, flowers, herbs, and veggies, somehow looking beautiful and organic, cared about and free, all at the same time.

Monique suggested I put the lemon balm in a pitcher of water and enjoy.

I discovered two things about this treat.

1) It needs to sit longer than lavender or mint to infuse the water with its properties. I recommend overnight.

2) It doesn’t last as long as lavender or mint and fresh stems/leaves need to be added more often to enjoy optimal flavor.

My next goal is to get a cutting from my friend and grow my own lemon balm plant to harvest.

Another idea for gently flavored water comes from my friend Kristin, who slices a few strawberries into a pitcher and leaves it overnight. And I added cucumber slices to my water glass at dinner recently.

Do you have a hydration tip to share?

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Gently flavored water makes hydration more fun


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2 thoughts on “Another Hydration Tip

  1. mariekeates July 21, 2013 at 9:21 pm Reply

    I’ve been putting lemon balm from the garden in my fridge water cooler for a while now. Watch it in the garden, like mint it is rampant. Is best planted in a pot. Having said that mine is planted straight in the garden but I like my garden a bit overgrown and messy 🙂

    • Paula Moldenhauer July 21, 2013 at 10:41 pm Reply

      Great advice, thank you! And a friend has offered me a different kind of mint, too, so I think I need several big barrels to plant the two mints and the lemon balm in . . . And I have some overrun strawberries and rhubarb plants, so I think I need to replant them where I can give them better attention, too.

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