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HomePage_BENewProducts_245x219From November of 2012 through July of 2013 the BENew Weight loss system supported my journey into health, helping me lose 55 pounds. Most of that weight has disappeared for good! (If you’ve followed this blog recently you also know that my goal now is to learn how to maintain this healthier lifestyle and body.)

Before venturing into weight loss in 2012 I chose to rebuild nutritionally using Body Balance, a nutritional powerhouse delivering a broad range of minerals and phytonutrients ideal for supporting each of the body’s core systems.

Because Body Balance and BENew transformed my body and my life, I became a distributor. Over the last few years I walked with several friends as they began their own weight loss journeys. My bodybalanceobservation has been than in most cases greater success was obtained when clients used both the Body Balance and the BENew system. In fact, in recent months when potential clients have contacted me about purchasing the weight loss program I’ve encouraged them to begin with Body Balance, taking it at least a month before beginning their weight loss journey. Often they report that they have more energy and reduced cravings. Some have even lost a little weight on Body Balance alone. I truly believe when our body gets the nutrition it craves the rest of the weight loss battle is easier.

Of course I believe that combing Body Balance and the complete BENew system (metabolism booster, cleanse, and meal replacement shakes) is the most effective method for weight loss. But for many of my friends this was cost prohibitive.

For clients who couldn’t afford Body Balance and the complete BENew system, I began suggesting they purchase Body Balance and the weight loss engine, the metabolism booster. I began to believe this was more effective than purchasing the entire weight loss package while neglecting the full nutritional support of Body Balance. My observation was that introducing Body Balance into my client’s systems offered more long-term health and weight loss success than the BENew system alone. Body Balance not only helped with their weight loss goals, it often brought positive change in the areas of mood, energy, allergies, and/or other health issues, such as cholesterol or blood pressure reduction.

Frankly, I’d rather see a client focus on getting healthy by using Body Balance, adding exercise, and eating cleaner than to see them jump into weight loss without thinking about HEALTH.

I share all of this now because the company is offering a fantastic deal for the months of March, April, and May. Customers who are purchasing other products through autoship get 50% off the metabolism booster! (Either the capsules or the powder.)

I’m excited about this approach because it means my friends can purchase a month’s supply of Body Balance and get a month’s supply of the BENew metabolism booster for 50% off. This way they can first take care of their body’s nutritional needs, then they can support their weight loss with BENew’s proven metabolism booster.

Serving as a distributor for these products is not my primary focus. My desire remains the same as it has since 3rd grade: to be established as a author. But I chose to spend time with this blog talking about these produce because I care about your health, and I am excited about this opportunity for my friends to venture into stronger, leaner bodies at a more affordable price.

If you would like more information, email me. This special is not on the company website, but I can help you take advantage of it.

Until next time,

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PS We’re having glorious weather here in Colorado! I got a little lazy over the winter, but the blue skies have nudged me outside, and I’ve been blessed to take a long walk in the sunshine almost every day this week. How are you doing with adding activity to your lifestyle?


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