Win a Free Book!

I believe in the message God gave me in the Soul Scents series. I believe His truth and grace changes lives. Will you help me get the word out?rsz_pmapprov4-01

Let’s make it fun.

For an opportunity to win a Soul Scents book of your choice, do one or more of the following. For each thing you do, you will be entered one time:
1) Post about Flourish or any of the Soul Scents books with their Amazon links on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog (A ticket for each place/time you share!)
2) Leave a review on about any of the Soul Scents books. (A ticket for each book you review)
3) Send a group email to at least five friends telling them about one–or all–of the Soul Scents books. (Or email more people: 5 people=1 ticket!)

Then pop me a note at and tell me the ways you helped get the word out. (This is a contest based on trust. You don’t have to provide proof, just tell me what you did.) For each place you share I’ll enter your name in a drawing for the Soul Scents book of your choice! You can also choose between paperback or electronic versions. Contest closes on January 1st!

(And please share this post so others can participate!)


(Books are linked to Just click to view more information.)


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