Just for Fun

If you followed the Advent devotions the last month, you know how much I enjoy my Christmas tree. Thought you might think it fun to see a bit of this year’s tree saga. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking toward a blessed New Year!

1.  Borrowed hubby’s Carhartts for a trek in the mountains.


2. Recruited son and nephews with saw and muscles.


3. Asked for emotional support from a more experienced tree-picker-outer.


4. Had a terrible time choosing a big tree, but fell in love with this little one and was told I needed to saw it down myself. Felt a little sad, like it was sacrificing its young life for my pleasure. But not sad enough to let it live. (It’s very cute in my family room.)


5. After much debate found a tree that was greener (go lower on the mountain Auntie Paula, where there is more rain), tasted better (this one has a tinge of lavender), and was mostly well rounded for a mountain grown Douglas fir. The strapping young men were put in charge of the saw and the heavy lifting.


It was a fun adventure. My first time cutting down a live tree. Ever. Tomorrow I’ll show you what it looks like in my living room.



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