It Changed Everything

Gotta be honest. While I LOVE my beautiful tree and ornaments, this particular holiday season hasn’t been so great. But on Christmas Day I awoke and thought, “This is the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus coming for us in the moments of struggle. In the places of bondage. Where we need healing.” And so I worshiped.

I’m so grateful to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for coming as our Deliverer! For piercing the darkness and establishing His kingdom of Light. His coming changed everything. That is why I celebrate.

Wanted to share what I believe to be one of the best Christmas sermons I’ve heard. Hope you take time to ponder it. 

(Usually you can get video from I think there’s only audio right now because they take the week of Christmas off. Guessing there will be video next week if you prefer to watch instead of just listen.)

May God bless you with a very happy New Year, and may we all discover, at increasing depth, the love and freedom already ours in HIM.

Until next time,


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