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“Taste buds, you aren’t the boss of me!”

I read that quote in the Made to Crave devotional, and my back got a little straighter.

Last night my taste buds were the boss of me, and today I still have a tummy-ache 21 hours later.

I loved the thought in the devotional that the WHOLE of me should make my eating decisions, not just my tastebuds. After all, my tummy didn’t want me to over-eat on heavy food like I did last night; it wanted a nice, big salad to balance that sesame chicken and rice. Those few extra pounds left around my middle were hoping for self-control ’cause they really want to be gone. And my mind wanted to continue the journey to looking really great for my daughter’s wedding.

So today as I nurse my bloated stomach I’m reminding those taste buds who is in control!

How about you?

Is a part of you running the whole of you?

Let’s take control!

Note: Still haven’t had time to dig into my weight loss journal so we can return to the daily chronicling, but didn’t want to leave you neglected too long, so I thought I’d share briefly what I’m thinking today. Hope to get back on track with the journal soon.

Weight Loss Journey Day 61

Darn those two pieces of Christmas candy! Pretty much exactly the amount of calories I was over 1200  . . . weird to think of life this way, of how something so small can impact a goal so easily. ~December 23, 2012

Real Time Update:


Thanks to the Made to Crave Devotional by Lysa TerKeurst I’ve been thinking a lot about the word, “consider.” Her thoughts, along with my own calorie tracking journey, have also led me to think about the word, “mindful.”

So much of the journey to weight loss and health is simply learning to be mindful of my choices. What I am putting in my mouth? Is this a healthy choice? If I eat this now, how do I need to eat later to be healthy and meet my weight loss goal? How much water have I had? Have I made movement a priority?

Part of being mindful is considering the motivation behind my choices. Why am I choosing to eat this? Am I seeking to fill an emotional need that will still be unfulfilled? Am I hungry? Am eating because of I’m tired? Is there a choice that would meet my need more directly? Maybe I need to eat something different, or maybe I don’t need food at all. Maybe I need a nap, a walk, a talk with a friend–or God.

In Made to Crave Lysa said to “consider the joy.” She pointed her readers to the joy that’s coming from the result of good choices. I’m not yet at my goal, but this is already a reality for me.  I have much joy in being stronger, healthier, more energetic, and thinner.

As I continue to make lifestyle changes, I bet I’ll need to stay mindful, to consider the why’s and to think about the consequences and rewards for the rest of my life.

I’m still growing in this attempt. I’m much improved but not perfect. With the good nutrition of the Life Force and BENew products I’m on, my cravings for unhealthy food are much reduced. However, when intense times hit I still struggle.

This week my husband had a four hour procedure on his heart. I’d forgotten how it felt to have my insides screaming for chocolate and Fritos, but sitting in the surgery waiting room staring at the vending machine was a poignant reminder.

Thankfully, I’d prepacked  healthy choices: my BEFull shake, a tangelo, walnuts, dried cranberries, and some spinach leaves. I even packed a pretty plate and a real fork. I ate one meal out, and it was healthy. I walked to the restaurant, so I got over a mile of walking in.

My downfall was Jerry’s second meal tray late in the evening. Surgery over, he was in his hospital room enjoying his second meal of salmon.

I ate his pound cake.

It wasn’t even good.

It wasn’t comforting. it wasn’t tasty. It didn’t satisfy my junk food craving. It didn’t reduce my stress level.

Why on earth did I eat the whole thing?

Even as I ate I realized I was making a choice NOT to consider why I did it or how it went against my goals. I even chose to ignore how tasteless it was and the fact I didn’t even like it. I just kept taking the next bite even as I knew I ate out of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion and even as I knew the pound cake was not helping.

I just didn’t care.

Funny thing. Today I DO care.

What About You?

Have you reached for something in a high stress situation that didn’t satisfy?

Real Time Information about BENew


Ben Mueller who wrote this post. I almost didn’t honor him with a picture considering he’s wearing a Vikings jersey when he lives in Denver!

Taking a break from my regular posts to share one written by Ben Mueller, a friend of mine who was also a beta tester. He has approached the weight loss differently than I did, and I thought his information might help someone out. From Ben:

I want to set up reasonable expectations for your weight loss while using the Benew Weight Loss System. Unfortunately, we live in a society where everything that we want to happen needs to have happened YESTERDAY. Basically, we want our lives changed overnight. But, we all know what the truth is; “Anything worth anything takes hard work AND time!”.

I have been using the Benew Weight Loss System myself since the beginning of November (’12). When I was asked to be part of the beta test group for this product, I did not follow the protocol that was laid out for us. This included; calorie restriction, more exercise, following a meal plan, etc. Why did I do this? I wanted to see exactly what the effectiveness of the product would be. As we all know, if we restrict caloric intake and exercise more, we will lose weight, but before I started talking to people about this system, I wanted to know that the products did what they said they would do.

I have worked out for the last 25 years, so that was not an issue. I would just maintain my same workouts (45 minutes cardio per day and each muscle group lifted once per week). My caloric intake stayed at about 3,000 calories per day and, my ability to maintain a loving relationship with Peanut Butter did not change!

The first week of using the system, I lost 6 pounds. This could have been due to the detoxification process (Bepure). I replaced one meal per day with the chocolate Befull. I actually just added Befull on top of everything I was eating, therefore probably added a few calories on some days, but others I didn’t eat as much, therefore still maintaining 3,000 calories per day. In terms of the Belean, I had one packet when I woke up on an empty stomach, and one before lunch (empty stomach) so I could get the most out of the product as possible.

In the first 6 weeks of using the system, I lost a total of 17 pounds. The ONLY difference between how I approached weight loss before Benew and after was that my workouts grew in intensity because of the energy I was getting from Belean. I literally was working out like I had done while I played college football.

From my 6 weeks until about 9 weeks, I actually gained weight. This was mainly due to the Christmas holiday and my love for homemade fudge!

From week 9 until now, something very magical has occurred. Yes, I was losing some weight on the scale in the beginning, but in the last several weeks, the SHAPE of my body has changed dramatically. My theory is that it took a good 2 months before my base metabolism actually changed enough to where my body became a FAT BURNING MACHINE.

Yes, the Bepure helped my body clean out all the toxins that had gunked up the system and blocked me from being an “efficient organism”. Yes, Befull allowed me to ingest high quality protein in my body for muscle development and to help curb cravings for sugar and such. BUT, Belean, the metabolic enhancer, has been my “saving grace” in my venture to losing weight. The combination of the Green Coffee Bean, White Kidney Bean, Meratrim, Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea, etc, has actually been exactly what it promised to be; a natural way to significantly increase my base metabolism!

Overall; I have lost 28 pounds, my pants went from a 42 to a 36, I have increased muscle mass significantly (or maybe I can just see more of the muscle due to decreased fat), and my energy has sky rocketed.

MY WIFE: Jessica, my wife, got on the Benew Weight Loss System the same time I did and did NOT change her eating habits significantly either. She had almost the same exact results as I did. It took her metabolism two months to really get into a fat burning state. She was beautiful before, but now it as a place where she is happy with how she looks and has had to go do some serious clothes shopping!

IMPORTANT: As I stated above, I did not follow the protocol that was laid out in front of me when starting this system because I wanted to see how the products affected me. I would NOT suggest that you do this. Obviously, if you combine all the tools that the Benew Weight Loss System has, you should have even better results. If you take the products as suggested, follow the meal & fitness plans as best as possible, and get plugged into “Benew Nation” on Facebook, there is no stopping you!

As I have stated above, you absolutely need to give this System 3 months to get to maximum benefit. With our 90 day, 100% money back guarantee, there is no reason that you can’t give it the necessary time. If you aren’t satisfied, get your money back. With that being said, please read the following information in terms of things that you may notice while on the product;

1) You may have to decrease the amount of Belean that you are ingesting in the beginning. For some people, we have noticed that it gives them TOO MUCH energy and they have a hard time sleeping at night. If this is the case, please start by taking 1/2 packet every morning and that’s it. After 5 days, move to 1/2 packet twice a day. After another 5 days, move to 1 1/2 packets per day, and within 5 days, move up to 2 packets per day.

2) You may GAIN weight in your first week! This has everything to do with WATER RETENTION. It does not mean that the products aren’t working, because in fact, they are. Any time that we are using detoxification products or start a weight loss regiment, our bodies tend to hold on to water, especially when we introduce a metabolic enhancer. When the body heat increases in a person, we hold on to water just like on a hot summer day, our bodies get a little “swelled”. Again, don’t panic, just keep going!

3) The typical healthy weight loss figure that has been published by experts in the weight loss industry, is 1-2 pounds per week. Therefore, do not panic if, in the first month, you only lose 4-8 pounds. When people drop weight too quickly, the propensity for it to come back increases many fold. Just keep trucking along and you will eventually get to your goal weight.

4) You HAVE TO give this system 3 months in order to realize the full benefit. No, this isn’t a sales gimic, but rather being realistic. Yes, you should lose some weight in your first month using the product, but it takes time to get the metabolic engine burning efficiently. Remember that it did not take just a month to get our bodies into the shape it was before Benew, therefore, it is going to take some time to get out. The MAIN CAUSE of being overweight is our METABOLIC STATE. Our metabolism has been set at a very inefficient position for a long time, therefore, when introducing the ingredients that are in Belean, our metabolism is going to take its sweet time in starting to really burn at a speed where massive weight loss is happening.

5) Weighing ourselves daily is not a smart thing to do. Because of water retention and other factors, our weight can bounce all over the place. The REAL test is in how our clothes fit. Therefore, I suggest weighing yourself one time per week.”

Weight Loss Journey Day 40

It’s sort-of shocking that this woman who was afraid to walk alone now craves it. As much as I miss being with Jerry, who still can’t walk because of a back injury, I love this quiet space with myself, God, and the blue sky.

I awoke today with thoughts of Sabbath rest and have been processing all day. I exercised a lot this week, but feel a need to be more quiet today. I enjoyed lighting some candles and making herb tea (no calories!) and reading a novella. The guys were watching football, and I felt lonely. Decided to take a walk, not for exercise, but for rest and sunshine. I didn’t walk fast and only walked about a mile. I stopped often. Sat by a little creek. Enjoyed park benches. Eventually I ended up at a second tiny park, and listened to Scripture on my phone while waiting for the sunset. I think God is teaching me to be alone and content.advent

Once back home I craved advent worship. I dug around until I found the advent candles I bought after season last year and put them out. Then I lit candles and found a hymnal with carols in it. I sang for a while, read an advent devotional on-line, and longed for Jesus to come to me in a new way this season.

Real Time Update:

I hope the next few posts don’t confuse anyone! Remember, I’m sharing journal entries from roughly 2 months ago so that puts us back in December. The next month or so will have several posts referring to the holidays (AND, thank to BeNew I kept losing during the holidays, including 5 pounds the week of Christmas!)

It dawned on me yesterday that some of you may have not noticed I have a weight loss tips page at the top of my blog.  Hopefully, you can get some ideas there. It’s simple stuff, like how licorice tea curbs sugar cravings, or that it’s good not to eat after 7:30.

How About You?

I’d LOVE to hear little tips that have helped you on your journey to a healthier, more slender body. And if you don’t mind me adding them to my blog, let me know.

A BeNew Journey Day 39

“I amazed myself today!!”

So started the entry in my weight loss journal on day 39 of my journey (which was December 1 2012) It continued:

Had to be ready to leave town by 11 a.m. for a party and then a booksigning for Postmark: Christmas in Colorado Springs. I got up, made two cakes (one to leave for the boys, one to take to the party), walked off almost 500 calories, ate breakfast, showered, and was all glamed up the time my ride arrived! I am shocked to have the energy I have! AND when I put my necklace on, I didn’t need to add an extension! My neck is normal again!

The day was totally off schedule, and we ended up eating out late at night, after all the events. That, along with party food, put me at about 1400 calories instead of 1200, but . . . what if I hadn’t walked? (And I made a good choice at dinner. I wanted grilled cheese, but ordered a salad.)

The booksigning pictures hit Facebook and guess what? Although I’m not where I want to be, I’m looking almost normal. People comment about how cute and thin I looked in those pictures. Hallelujah!

Funny, it was almost exactly a month ago when I had another booksigning and complained about being tired of embarrassing Facebook pictures!

watch link

No more need for this! Even wrists loose weight.

Real Time Update:

I took off my watch and the extra link fell out. No longer need it! Today, I put on my belt, and it was not doing its job. Since I planned to wear the new jeans I got when everything was falling off (Dec. 27th), I needed it to be tight (’cause those jeans are too loose now!)

Pretty exciting stuff.

I’ve had inquiries about the products I am using. There’s a lot of information on this blogs, so for more details, visit BENew, which explains the products I’m using in detail.

Since I’ve had some specific questions, let me try to address them. I use BeNew, a weight loss program developed by Life Force International. (This nutritional company has been around for 29 years. We’ve had great success with their nutritional products. Example: my husband’s cholesterol and high blood pressure reduced within 3 months of taking Body Balance, resulting in less medication! Also, he used OsteoProCare, a calcium/mineral combo and experienced healing of an elbow injury that occurred over 20 years prior!) When we heard Life Force was introducing a weight loss program, I wanted in! I knew they would produce something that worked made from quality ingredients AND it would be GOOD for me.

I use the whole BENew system. I’ve also chosen to count calories and to add movement into my day, usually walking, but I’ve been so encouraged by my success that I’m adding a little grunt work, like crunches and leg lifts to shape up my body as it loses the weight.

The beta testers of this product have approached it many ways. Some lost weight using only BELean without changing what they ate or adding exercise. Some of these went on to change their habits to more healthy choices because the SUCCESS they got WITHOUT the extra work made them WILLING to tackle a new lifestyle.

belt hole 2-11-2013

Another new hole in the belt . . . we’ve made a 3 or 4 now.

Yes, I replace a meal a day with the BEFull shake. If I’m on the go I put some almond milk in a shake bottle and carry a serving of the BEFull powder. If I’m home I usually put it in the blender with some frozen fruit and sometimes peanut butter or rolled oats. (There are lots of recipes on the website you’re given access to when you buy the product.) Everyone wants to know if it keeps me full. Just the powder in almond milk lasts a couple of hours, but if I need it to go until the next meal I usually need to add 1/4 cup of rolled oat or something to give it a little more staying power. Of course as I’ve grown accustomed to smaller portions all my foods are more filling and carry me longer.

Bottom line: You can use these products as you want to and as they fit your lifestyle. Like anything else, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. For quicker weight loss and more health benefits, make changes in lifestyle along with the product use. But if you’re overwhelmed with that thought, you may find (as some of the beta testers did) that tasting success by using BeLean EMPOWERS you to make the changes you thought were too hard.

How About You?

Any other questions? Fire away!

Weight Loss Journey Day 37

I’m panicked. Now that the world knows I’ve lost almost 20 pounds, can I keep it up??

Here’s what I posted to Facebook on November 29 in response to going public with my weight loss journey:

Remember when I posted that I was horribly embarrassed and asked you to pray for me about 2 months ago? I said if things worked out, I’d tell you about it someday. I had just applied as a beta tester for BeNew. I had to send in a picture purposely showing all my fat. I was horrified at the picture, embarrassed with the numbers I turned in. Sad I’d allowed myself to gain all that weight, unchecked. Afraid I couldn’t do anything to change it.

When Life Force chose me to test their weight loss program, I was thrilled and petrified all at once. It’s been five weeks now. This morning the scale said I’d lost almost 20 pounds, which is 1/3 of the way to my goal. (Yes, do the math, that’s how out of control this thing had gotten.)

I’m excited that my pants are baggy, but there are other rewards that I am just as excited about, which are unexpected. I’ve found the joy again in movement. I have the energy and DESIRE to walk, swim, ride a bike. Last week, for the first time in YEARS I was walking through my neighborhood and couldn’t resist the desire to RUN.

I’m also blown away by my children and their perceptions of this journey. My daughter is the reason you’re seeing this post. I hadn’t yet gotten the nerve to be public about my journey, but she posted to her dad’s new fb page last night about how proud she is of me. It was a beautiful, make you weep post, but (and I know this was not her goal) it was also incredibly convicting.

She said that for 21 years she’d watched me care for my heart in hard times, but never my body. And it’s true. I was a perfectly healthy size at her birth. Four babies came in 6 years and I never worked to get the baby fat off. I became a writer and never balanced all that sedentary life with exercise. I cook mostly homemade and healthy, but I never paid attention to too many sweets or getting enough fresh foods. The nutritional support of the Life Force products had actually made me crave more healthy options.

My sweet husband never once complained as I packed on the pounds. He told me I was beautiful and sexy always. But I’m blown away by how much he is enjoying the new me. We are active together now, often taking long walks just the two of us. I regret the pleasure my choices withheld from him now that I see how much he enjoys my new attitude, energy levels, and body.

I still have a long way to go, which is why I hadn’t yet admitted this publicly, until last night when Sarah told. Or maybe that isn’t really true, maybe the whole admitting of how out of control my weight had gotten was just too hard for me.

I do know I could use your prayers.  I do know the LORD gave me this gift. I had prayed for about two years that He would show me what to do about my weight. Until BeNew came along,  I didn’t have what it took to tackle the problem. But when I heard about the chance to be a beta tester, I knew I was ready and that there would be a good nutritional, wise approach to help me find my way.

Please pray with me for complete success!

Real Time Update:

3 month pictures 3

January 31, 2013 – my updated picture for the beta test group

front picture Oct. 24

Where I started back in October, 2012

Last night I saw the picture I sent to the beta group audition. I thought I would never, ever, ever show it in public. But if this blog is about encouraging others, I need to be vulnerable. And I think this picture speaks more loudly than my words. Change is possible.

I was out of shape. Not just heavy, but I had neglected movement as well as healthy portions. I was sluggish. Tired. Even found myself struggling to get out of a chair sometimes.

Freedom is returning. The nutritional support of BeNew has helped me gain energy and feel stronger even as I eat less. I have less cravings for unhealthy foods. I am exercising and enjoying the freedom of roaming the neighborhood.

My weight didn’t define me then, and being thinner doesn’t define me now. But my weight DID inhibit me and getting closer to the size I was created to be is freeing.

Friends, let’s move forward together for health! For life! For freedom to be all we were created to be–inside and out!

What About You?

How does all this hit ya?


sugar picture perched

30 lbs of sugar. I can’t believe I used to lug this much weight every day.

I’ve been posting about my weight loss journey, sharing journal entries from about two months ago so I can offer you guys a daily chronicle of the weight loss journey, but I decided to slip an extra post based on where I am real time. It was just too impacting on me to wait 60 days to share.

Jerry and I were at Sam’s Club. He pointed to the sugar and asked me to pick up three 10 lb bags. I couldn’t believe how heavy they were, how much they weighed me down. I know the weight I lost was more evenly distributed, but still!

I can hardly process how I lugged that much weight around every day for so many years. No wonder I move with much more ease. No wonder I feel so much lighter, inside and out.

I’m so grateful to God who is leading this journey, to my husband who told me I could do it, to my prayer group who prays for my victory, to Ben M. who was convinced I needed to be a beta tester, and the people at Life Force who invited me in. And of course to BeNew.

There are obviously hard days on a journey like this. Days when emotions or party food or plateaus threaten my forward progress. But from where I stand right now, I am shocked at how much easier it has been than I expected. The good nutrition in Body Balance and BeNew has curbed the cravings and made me stronger. People all around me have been sick this winter, but I feel a sniffle, then it goes away. I have energy that sometimes shocks me. And I have fallen in love with movement.

When you’re thin you take the ability to move for granted. With most people the weight creeps on slowly, and you don’t even realize how much joy of moving you’ve sacrificed. I could cry when I think about how much effort it took to even get out of a chair sometimes, and how light I feel now. I treasure my meandering walks through the neighborhood. I feel like giggling when I can’t help but actually run a while. The other night I dreamed I ran, effortlessly, for miles, not blocks.

Spiritually there is change, too. It’s like I’d given God access to everything but my body. There’s a new connection between us, and I sense His pleasure as He watching me living more of the life He created me to live. We take walks together, and my heart bubbles forth as I listen to the bird sing or feel His prompting to pray something unexpected.

If you’re on the fence about facing your need to lose weight, please don’t delay. If you’re trying shed the pounds but ready to give up, don’t! It’s not only about looking better (that just wasn’t enough for me), it’s about living better. Fuller. Stronger. With more joy.

I still have at least 20, maybe 30 more to go. It’s coming off more slowly now, and on some days that’s frustrating. But I’m not stopping. Where I am is so different than where I was, and I can’t wait to see what it will be like where I’m going.

What this blog is about

Progression of weight loss from pictures taken at three consecutive writer events: 11-28-12, 12-3-12, 12-29-12

Progression of weight loss from pictures taken at three consecutive writer events: 11-02-12, 12-1-12, 12-29-12My BeNew journey began October 24, 2012.

My BeNew journey began October 24, 2012. Obese, I weighed in at roughly 210 pounds. On January 1, 2013 I began blogging about what it was like to walk this road to health. The posts below share that journey. (If you just started the journey to a healthier, thinner you, consider reading my early posts for ideas and encouragement!)

BeNew Outside 1


On January 31, 2013, I had lost 32 pounds and 19.75 inches and felt  stronger, healthier, happier, and sexier than I had in years!

mom looking for her girl (2)

May 19, 2013

This picture was captured by a friend on May 19, 2013 at my daughter’s wedding. What a joy to feel completely comfortable with my body and how my clothes fit for this special day! In this picture I am down almost 50 pounds from where I started last October. Getting healthy is possible, my friends!