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BeNew 50% Off

HomePage_BENewProducts_245x219From November of 2012 through July of 2013 the BENew Weight loss system supported my journey into health, helping me lose 55 pounds. Most of that weight has disappeared for good! (If you’ve followed this blog recently you also know that my goal now is to learn how to maintain this healthier lifestyle and body.)

Before venturing into weight loss in 2012 I chose to rebuild nutritionally using Body Balance, a nutritional powerhouse delivering a broad range of minerals and phytonutrients ideal for supporting each of the body’s core systems.

Because Body Balance and BENew transformed my body and my life, I became a distributor. Over the last few years I walked with several friends as they began their own weight loss journeys. My bodybalanceobservation has been than in most cases greater success was obtained when clients used both the Body Balance and the BENew system. In fact, in recent months when potential clients have contacted me about purchasing the weight loss program I’ve encouraged them to begin with Body Balance, taking it at least a month before beginning their weight loss journey. Often they report that they have more energy and reduced cravings. Some have even lost a little weight on Body Balance alone. I truly believe when our body gets the nutrition it craves the rest of the weight loss battle is easier.

Of course I believe that combing Body Balance and the complete BENew system (metabolism booster, cleanse, and meal replacement shakes) is the most effective method for weight loss. But for many of my friends this was cost prohibitive.

For clients who couldn’t afford Body Balance and the complete BENew system, I began suggesting they purchase Body Balance and the weight loss engine, the metabolism booster. I began to believe this was more effective than purchasing the entire weight loss package while neglecting the full nutritional support of Body Balance. My observation was that introducing Body Balance into my client’s systems offered more long-term health and weight loss success than the BENew system alone. Body Balance not only helped with their weight loss goals, it often brought positive change in the areas of mood, energy, allergies, and/or other health issues, such as cholesterol or blood pressure reduction.

Frankly, I’d rather see a client focus on getting healthy by using Body Balance, adding exercise, and eating cleaner than to see them jump into weight loss without thinking about HEALTH.

I share all of this now because the company is offering a fantastic deal for the months of March, April, and May. Customers who are purchasing other products through autoship get 50% off the metabolism booster! (Either the capsules or the powder.)

I’m excited about this approach because it means my friends can purchase a month’s supply of Body Balance and get a month’s supply of the BENew metabolism booster for 50% off. This way they can first take care of their body’s nutritional needs, then they can support their weight loss with BENew’s proven metabolism booster.

Serving as a distributor for these products is not my primary focus. My desire remains the same as it has since 3rd grade: to be established as a author. But I chose to spend time with this blog talking about these produce because I care about your health, and I am excited about this opportunity for my friends to venture into stronger, leaner bodies at a more affordable price.

If you would like more information, email me. This special is not on the company website, but I can help you take advantage of it.

Until next time,

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PS We’re having glorious weather here in Colorado! I got a little lazy over the winter, but the blue skies have nudged me outside, and I’ve been blessed to take a long walk in the sunshine almost every day this week. How are you doing with adding activity to your lifestyle?

Weigh in Wednesday ~ When You Don’t

111Here I sit. Polishing off a round of chips smothered in melted cheese. I ate light and healthy at lunch because I really do need to get serious about all that. I had planned this great blog sharing a quote I heard recently from a motivational speaker. But, honestly, there are times you just don’t care.

And right now is one of them.

I know the right answers. Heck, I’ve LIVED the right answers.

Eating emotionally after a day of no exercise isn’t even close.

(And I know that I’ve only hurt myself by turning to calories when I have a much better option.)

So here’s my plan.

I’m giving myself grace.

I know the stresses that have helped me to this place.

I know the One who will lead me from here.

I know tomorrow is another day.






Too Good Not to Share

When I read this I knew I had to share it. The title? Crazy Hot Sex. But as you can tell by the picture below, it’s about the real thing. About the man who loves through the babies throwing up and the hormone surges and the all night crying. Just click the link below.



Hope you enjoy! Be blessed, and have a great weekend.

Until next time,

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Weighing in About Food and Money

classicsLast night Jerry and I grabbed a Chik-fi-A sandwich as we rushed to hear our daughter sing. We’ve eaten out more than I’m used to.  A quick trip through a drive-through when life has us panting with its busyness, a few lingering experiences in a nicer restaurant.

There was a summer when I was still fighting to shed the pounds when life was very different. The work ran dry. I didn’t share much about it here, but I struggled greatly. I’d found this new, healthy lifestyle that included a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables but was unable to buy them. We spent most of that summer eating out of our freezer or pantry and from the food given to us by a couple of friends who have food bank ministries. It was a paradox. Intense gratitude for the provision mixed with anger about our situation. How was I supposed to keep losing weight with the high calorie foods coming our way and without the ability to buy fresh food to balance it?

Finances profoundly affect health and weight loss/maintenance. My journey into crushing financial struggle gives me more compassion for those in America who fight poverty. While there are those in our country who go hungry, there are also resources for food. There’s a point above having nothing where you exist on whatever comes your way. The cost effective food tends to be high in calories–like pasta and rice–and the options from food banks are often the same.

20140611_205508On the flip side, the ability to eat out has challenged me as well. It feels like a treat, and I rarely make low-calorie choices. It’s given me more compassion for those of you who struggle with weight loss from this perspective–whether your busy life means you order out/eat out a lot, or your ability for finer dining subjects you to all of those amazing, high calorie sauces, drinks, and desserts.

Money–on both ends of the spectrum–affects our eating habits. My goal is to be intentional about noticing the unique challenges my financial situation has on my health/maintenance goals and to respond to those challenges!

How about you? Do finances affect your health/weight loss journey? Is there something specific in the abundance or lack thereof that is undermining your goals?

Until Next Time,

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PS After that summer of crying out to the Lord my husband ended up with a new job at Door to Door Organics. Not only do we now get fresh ORGANIC fruits and vegetables at a reduced price, but Jerry is sometimes given extras. Today my home overflows with fresh produce. Even on the weeks when money is tight, my fresh foods come like clock work. Isn’t that just like our God?

Summer Joys


Sometimes a picture says it all. No words needed. Grateful for the gifts of summer.




20140528_193414 (2)

June flowers



brides snacks


Enjoy the season!

Until Next Time,

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Becoming a Novelist

A piece I wrote about the journey to becoming a novelists is featured today on Between Sundays. I’d love it if you’d check it out!

Here’s an excerpt:

If I’d known how much I had to learn, I may never have started my first novel. But, full of naiveté, I plunged into the process, asking the Holy Spirit to lead me. The first draft was fun to write. I couldn’t wait to get to my computer to see what would happen next. I laughed and cried as I typed away, causing my husband to shake his head in disbelief . . .

Click here for the rest of the story.

Tips on Maintenance from a Professional

Today’s post is from my friend at the Ravenously Disappearing Woman.

Yesterday, was an education day at the bariatric center. The behavior modification specialist did a wonderful presentation on maintaining weight loss.  Though I’m only 1/3 of the way through the program, preparing to sustain my recent and future weight loss is crucial.  I’ve lost and gained in the past because once I’d reached my goal, I’d slowly return to my old way of eating.  This time I have way too much invested, in terms of health risks and the overall cost of this endeavor to return to old habits.

Unfortunately, I’m aware that chronic obesity is a disorder that has no real quick fix and no long-term cure.  The only way to stay at a healthy weight for life is to be ever-vigilant of food choices, portions and physical activity. It sounds incredibly daunting to do for a lifetime, doesn’t it?  However, I’m trying to re-wire my brain to view chronic obesity as something that must be controlled, like high blood pressure or asthma.  Just as must take my asthma medication and avoid potential asthma triggers, I’m equally bound to make the right food choices, practice portion control, and exercise daily.  Here are some of the wonderful tips that I learned to aid in maintaining weight loss:

  • Journal all food and drinks that you consume at the time you eat or drink them.  This helps to keep you mindful of what you’re putting in your body.  If your journal isn’t nearby, write down what you’ve had on a scrap sheet of paper and transfer the info to your journal later.
  • Exercise and engage in physical activities, at least 30 minutes per day, but make your exercise plan realistic for your lifestyle.  Find the time of day that suits your schedule.  If you choose to workout at a gym or wellness center, be certain that it’s close enough to your home that you’ll actually feel like driving there.  I remember learning in a college fitness course that statistics have shown that people who live more than 15 minutes from their place of exercise are more likely to skip working out.
  • Actively Practice Portion Control.  Learn what an appropriate portion size is.  Web MD offers a great portion size guide.  I’ve printed this and keep it on my refrigerator.  Using smaller plates, cups and bowls that contrast the color of your food give the appearance of a fuller plate.  If you eat out at restaurants ask for a to-go box with your meal and put half of it to take home for the next day.
  • Plan your meals and snacks weekly. This will decrease your likelihood of making impulse decisions about food choices.  It will also teach you to not use food for immediate gratification, because you’ll know what and when you’ll be eating.
  • Remember that you are in control of what you eat. Choose carefully the foods that you allow in your home.  Don’t allow others to talk, or guilt, you into eating foods that could jeopardize your success.
  • Practice mindful eating.  In doing this, you should be aware of what and how much you’re eating.  Additionally, you should be eating in the moment and not chowing down mindlessly in front of the TV or computer.  Focus on your food and take the time to enjoy the fuel that you’re giving your body.
  • Identify the things that trigger your overeating.   Avoid situations that may cause sensory stimulation like the sight or smell of food. The Food Network channel is probably not the best thing to watch!  If avoiding a trigger is impossible, plan ahead to have a healthy alternative.  Also, realize that sometimes the things that our body craves are really signals of something else that our body actually needs.  If you’re craving something salty, you may actually be thirsty.  If you’re snacking because you’re overly tired, you probably need protein.
  • Learn from previous weight loss failures. Think about the choices that you made the last time you lost and regained and don’t repeat your mistakes.  I thought I could go back to my normal style of eating and still magically keep my weight off.  Boy, was I wrong!  Read all of the information that you find on maintaining weight loss.  There are so many great online resources on weight maintenance you’ll never run out of material!


  • Focus on the health of your one and only body!  Just focusing on the number on the scale won’t do.  Lot’s of people decrease that number through unhealthy means.  Think about yourself as an entire, beautiful, amazing package that thrives on healthy, well-portioned meals and activity to keep going.

What do you think?  Do you have any other tips for long-term weight maintenance that could be added to the list?  Tell me about it below! :)


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The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Twinkle lights shimmered in the trees lining the circle drive leading to the Broadmoor Resort and Hotel, a statement of elegance built in Colorado in 1918.



It’s one of my very favorite places, and for years I’ve dreamed of staying there overnight with Jerry. It seems the One Who Loves wanted Jerry and me to have a special Valentine’s Day present, complete with all the trappings.

It all started when the Christian Writer’s Guild invited met to represent ACFW CO at a dessert featuring Believer’s Press, a new publishing arm of the Guild.

Hubby agreed to attend with me, and I eagerly anticipated enjoying the Broadmoor’s ambiance as well as learning more about this new opportunity in the publishing world. I became even more excited as I learned that two of my favorite authors, Angela Hunt and Brandilyn Collins would talk about their latest books, published by the elite Jerry B. Jenkins line of Believers Press. There are few ladies in the business I respect more. (The lighting wasn’t good, but decided to share the photo anyway.)


(R to L) Brandilyn and Angela are pictured here with Dave Sheets, from Believers Press, best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins, and fellow author Sammy Tippit.

All of that would have been wonderful enough, but then I got a beautiful little email offering Jerry and me a night at the Broadmoor as guests of the Christian Writers Guild! Talk about over-joyed!

I convinced Jerry (who doesn’t especially like dressing up) to wear his new purple shirt and black slacks, and off we went. He also doesn’t like his picture taken, but I talked him into posing on the Broadmoor’s marble staircase. I think I got my way a lot during our special time away. ;o)


Since the Broadmoor opened in 1918, I couldn’t help but compare it with descriptions I’d read of the RMS Titanic, which sailed in 1912. Most of you know I wrote Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal with my friend and fellow author Kathleen E Kovach. Part of my research for this book included delving into the opulence of the wealthy in the early 1900s. (If you’d like to talk about our novel on your blog, contact me about a review copy!)


I love the historic refinement of the Broadmoor. The huge bouquets that grace antique tables in the lobby never disappoint, full of fragrant beauty (no fake flowers here!).


I always slip into the ballroom to twirl just a bit on the glowing wooden floor (complete with springs underneath for cushy dancing in those heels!). Since I actually had hubby with me on this visit, I slipped into his arms and we waltzed a few steps to our own music.


The Broadmoor maintains its historical tenor, and our room came complete with this beautiful chandelier and gorgeous topper above our feather-pillowed bed.



Classical music completed the ambiance as it sang from the device next to my bed, which had already been prepared with turn-down service. This included chocolates and fluffy white robes laid across mounds of pristine sheets, comforters, and layers of white pillows. Our bellman, Joseph, carried our bags into the room and made sure we were settled in. Watching him serve us with such genuine kindness made me wonder what his life is like, what type of people he has met, and what stories he could share. I hope he feels satisfaction in his gift of service. I hope he is appreciated and knows that he is.

After Joseph left Jerry and I then embraced the elegance with white wine, dark chocolates with salted caramel, and candle light.

As I put these memories to words I am at home in my very normal house in a very normal suburb, far away from anything opulent. And yet life is full of beauty here, too. Our married daughter popped in unexpectedly, and I just happened to have planned a big evening meal, so she stayed awhile and her husband joined us. We sat around the table eating off my hand-me-down plates, the rich greens and reds of the salad and the deep orange of sweet potatoes providing specks of color. In the middle of the table a flame flickered in my snowman candle.

Sarah told stories of her new job, of the precious people she serves, and I cried at the sheer beauty of what can happen when people love each other and reach for the Divine. The boys told jokes. Jerry sent me a secret smile, thanking me for sweet potatoes he loves. David and Stephen planned a taxing hiking adventure. I made after dinner tea.

During our lean years I fought to discover (or create) beauty that had no price tag. Sometimes life felt so barren I thought I would dry up, curling brown at the edges, crusty with thirst.

And then there would be a blue sky. A flower. An unexpected abundance of food. A book. A simple family meal where everyone seemed filled-up with the sheer goodness of being together.

Whispers of love.

My great delight at our Broadmoor experience will long remain with me, a brush of refinement, an immersion of beauty. And I will be grateful. A bit breathless.

But I’m learning that these moments don’t only come in the abundant times. Sometimes I am immersed in beauty in the simple pleasures of daily life. And I am grateful. A bit breathless.

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Filled up.

Full of hope. Of family. Of food.

Sometimes life sneaks up on a gal and is perfect, if but for a fleeting moment.

The college age son popped in for the weekend, and I cooked like a crazy woman.

The married kids surprised us with their presence, too.

Extended family shared our table.

Hubby beamed at me from above his plate, decorated with splashed of color. Carrot orange. tomato red. Green bean . . . green, of course.

Multiple conversations going on around us, we have our own private talk with only our eyes.

He feels it, too. The joy of so many crowded in the kitchen. The wonder of good food. The way an ordinary day can become extraordinary.

And we are grateful.

On Vacation Today!

Taking Martin Luther King’s day off with my kids . . . come back next week for our Monday Morning Makeover!

Have a great day!

Also, if you haven’t read yesterday’s guest post, I encourage you to take a moment to do so. It’s a little longer than usual, but worth the time!