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No Problem! (Day 104)

pizza portion salad tangelo 3A party? No problem!

It’s pretty cool that the Super Bowl celebration at my house yesterday didn’t freak me out. I’ve learned that if I attend a special event I can choose to eat more moderately, but have foods I don’t typically have, and it won’t be a problem as long as I stay to my habits of lower calories, healthier foods, and exercise the rest of the week.

Since I had some food I’m not used to during the Superbowl game yesterday, I focused on really healthy eating today. I started with my BEFull shake with some papaya (which helps digestion) and strawberries in it. At lunch I had a small piece of left-over homemade whole wheat pizza with a huge salad with Walnuts and pomegranates, a tangelo, and some strawberries. I also walked almost 4 miles. It felt good to return to these habits.                                     ~ Feb. 4, 2013

Real Time Update:

I think the best trick to having healthy eating habits and decent calorie counts without tracking every bite is to simple fill half or more of the plate with salad. Then if I’m having meat, the next biggest portion is my protein, and the smallest portion is a starch or carb if I’m having that.

What About You?

Any tricks for eating healthy and low calorie without tracking every bite?


Nurse Says I’m Rockin’ It! (Day 95)

Real Time Update:

Here’s a fun tidbit about yesterday. I had a doctor’s appointment and the nurse told me I was “rocking” the weight loss. I’d lost another 17 pounds since they weighed me in late January, which is was about when the post below was written.

In yesterday’s blog I alluded to an event I needed to have my game face on for. It was the BENew launch celebration held in Denver on January 25th. I had a blast as a runway model. Jerry and I were warmly received by the Life Force family, and the weekend was a great encouragement to us. I was even asked to share my testimony the next night. For today’s post I thought I’d share the rough draft of what I planned to say. Of course it came out a little differently when I actually spoke. Paula modeling at BENew celebration. I've lost roughly 17 pounds since this picture!

January 25, 2013:

Weight crept on slowly, but after two car accidents in 6 months I found myself in pain, emotionally shut down, and spending long hours each day in bed.  Just getting out of a chair took effort. As an author I was often embarrassed by Facebook pictures taken by friends at book signings. I couldn’t believe how heavy I was. And really, couldn’t they just capture my face, not my whole, out of control body?

When I was chosen as a beta tester for BeNew, I was at least 210 pounds. I received the opportunity to try a nutritional approach to weight loss as a pure gift. The very first week my energy and attitude improved to the point I begged Jerry to take a short walk with me. It was just a few blocks that first time. Over time my emotions stabilized. I found myself craving my Body Balance and my BeFull shake. My cravings for unhealthy food decreased, and I fell in love with walking. In 8 weeks I lost 27 pounds.

At the end of December I was at a writer event and the inevitable picture snapping started. My heart lifted when I realized I could smile straight into the camera without worrying about a double chin, and I giggled on the inside as I heard all the women whispering about how different I looked. The Facebook pictures looked great! In the last week I’ve had two friends walk right by me without speaking—when I called to them their eyes widened. They hadn’t even recognized me!

On Friday I chose to walk almost 3 miles to an appointment rather than drive—and I RAN most of the last mile. I am truly being made new—I love finding the me I lost, not just rediscovering a more slender, shapely me, but being able to move with ease, having more energy, and feeling more hope. And the new, healthier me is connecting with life in a new way, too—not just because I can wear new, cute clothes, but because I’ve grown physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. BeNew is a gift.

Weight Loss Journey Day 60



My half-full bag of BEFull chocolate meal replacement powder. Yummy with almond milk!

I had an amazing, beautiful, celebrative day–and came in under calorie count!

I love my BEFull shakes. I like them best with some frozen berries and a little rolled oats thrown in, which is healthy and relatively low in calories. But when I want to save calories for later in the day, it also offers the perfect solution. With almond milk (only 45 calories for 12 oz) and the BEFull powder (145 calories for chocolate or 120 for vanilla), I have a low calorie meal that leaves me feeling strong while using up very few calories.

Today I did just that. We invited Jerry’s brother and wife for dinner. I made London broil and red potatoes, served with salad and pomegranates, yum!

Then we were all off to an incredible Christmas Eve service at my church. The music was glorious, and the sermon SO good. I love how our pastor presents God’s grace, shows how we can’t earn God’s salvation, but only have to receive the gift God offers. The whole family, including Sarah’s fiancé and our dear next door neighbor, sat together.

I love sharing Christmas Eve services with my neighbor, Bernice. She’s 85, Jewish, and from New York. Yes, you can think of some of those Jewish momma stereo-types. She is out-spoken and says it like it is. When I first started getting heavy she said, “you’re  getting fat. It happens to all of us.” Another time she admonished, “It’s time to start coloring your hair. You’re going gray.”

She can sound a little gruff sometimes, but she has a heart of mush–and is one of those loyal, giving people.

I adore her.

Everyone worried the church service would overwhelm her. Our church has a big auditorium full of people, and the music is REALLY loud. But Bernice just says, “At least I can HEAR what is going on!”

There you have it.

IMAG0307 (2)

Candle light and “Silent Night” at our church

Bernice and I especially love the candle lighting part of the service. It’s amazing to see all those twinkling candles in a big church. ~December 22, 2012

Real Time update:

BeFull with strawberries and oatmeal vanilla

BeFull vanilla with almond milk, frozen strawberries, and just a little raw oatmeal to help it stick with me longer.

I still love my BEFull shakes. Yesterday I rushed out the door at 5:30 a.m. armed with 12 oz of almond milk and a serving of BEFull. When I was ready for breakfast it was as easy as popping the power into the milk and shaking!

The BEFull meal replacement is not only full of really good protein–the healthiest kind, pea protein–but also has some of the nutrition in Life Force’s wonderful supplement, Body Balance. It makes me feel really good with plenty of energy and strength. I like the chocolate best when I’m running around and have the shake straight. The vanilla is my favorite for when I’m home and add frozen fruit for a treat that is almost like ice cream, only low calorie and good for me!

What About You?

What is one of your favorite holiday traditions? Do you have a favorite “go to” meal when you’re in a hurry and want to eat low calorie and healthy?