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FREE Easter Devo/Catch Radio Show

27661605_10155965319319351_348329889_nDoes the cross of Jesus make a difference in daily life? How do you experience that? What does the work of the cross do beyond paying for sin and providing a ticket to heaven?

Soul Scents: Selections for Easter, which offers five weeks of devotional reading and contemplation questions for the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter, is available as a FREE PDF download at: http://paulamoldenhauer.com/gifts/ (If you prefer to read on Kindle, it is 99 cents at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079RPD9YG)

Journey deeper into the Son’s embrace this Easter! Soul Scents: Selections for Easter dives into the glorious wonder of what it really means when Jesus died, rescuing us from the shadows of living in the kingdom of darkness and moving us to a new address in the kingdom of light. It tackles such issues as spiritual freedom, identity as the beloved, living as a new creation, and the difference between cycles of saying we’re sorry and true life-giving repentance. (Adapted from the Soul Scents collection)

Also wanted to invite you to tune into Step into the Light, where I’m interviewed by Patti Shene tomorrow at 8 a.m MST. We’ll talk about some of the same concepts in Selections for Easter. I’m really excited about this and hope you’ll join us!

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Leaving Training Wheels Behind

It’s discouraging riding with training wheels again.

But that’s how we saw it, learning to live from a new paradigm.

Even if the new thing is something that sounds easy, like learning to live as one who is ALREADY LOVED instead of as one EARNING LOVE.

A friend and I talked about that today.

She read me her beautiful post On the Flip Side of Suffering, and we sat in my living room, sipping decaf and asking why it is so hard to simply BE. To simply RECEIVE love.

Especially God’s love.

It’s like we believe He loves us enough to save us from hell, then we’re supposed to earn His love from there on out. If we perform well enough, work hard enough, serve others often enough. Then we’ll deserve another measured dose of love.

Only love doesn’t work that way.

Love is freely given, no hooks, or it’s not really love.

We love because He first loved us.

God who IS love initiates the love cycle.

Once I experience love, then I can give it.

A book I’m reading says to approach God from the position of being “BELOVED.”

I know this. It’s not brand new theology. I seek daily to practice this paradigm I discovered several years ago.

I approach God as His BELOVED. I expect acceptance. I expect conversation. I expect joy and all those good things that happen when two people who adore each other hang out.

Unfortunately sometimes the old paradigm creeps into my live. I forget God WANTS to love me. Be with me. Bless me.

So my friend and I talked about training wheels even in this. Even in resting in grace, learning to be loved, it was hard, learning something new.

Then the Lord suggested we see it differently.

That we get off the bike and into the boat.

Learning to live as the beloved looks more like this:

1 rr

Found this photo on this wedding photography site


We look in His face and let Him row the boat.

1 r

From the Notebook

We journey as the beloved, enjoying the scenery, trusting He knows the way.

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PS Tomorrow I’ll share my friend’s post, On the Flip Side of Suffering, in its entirety. It is lengthy but SO worth the read. You’re not going to want to miss it!

Spirit Seeker Sunday~Beloved Before

“We must resist slipping into performance mode.”

Oh my goodness! I about broke into a cold sweat just reading the title of Lysa TerKeurst’s devotion, “Well Pleased” And I KNOW better.

Much of my life was wrapped up in performing. Feeling good when I succeeded and terrible when I failed! I DO NOT EVER want to be that girl again.

Spirit 17 stephen

Photo By Stephen Moldenhauer

Talk about bondage!

Yet I still often have to talk myself down from performance-driven, people-pleasing, ick.

When the Father spoke about Jesus He said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” God spoke that over Jesus before He began His ministry, before He was obedient even to death. God was pleased BEFORE. Just because Jesus is His.

He is pleased with us like that, too. Before we find success on our weight loss journey. Just because we’re His. It doesn’t get any better than that.

YOU are LOVED. CHOSEN. ADORED. With YOU He is well pleased. As Lysa said in that devotional, Let this truth “fill the drain holes that leach away your significance.”

Let’s follow Jesus’ example, hanging onto our identity as BELOVED, loved forever, always, and unconditionally. Loved BEFORE we perform. BEFORE we find success.

BEFORE we are skinny.

In the identity of beloved, let’s stand strong and move forward!

How about you? Do you struggle with knowing He loves you, deeply, truly . . . accepts you, fully and completely . . . on the good days and the bad? When you feel successful and when you don’t?

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Beloved even before the victory