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Using the BENew Products

I made the video below to answer the questions my customers are asking about which products to use, how to use them, and what my approach to weight loss has been. It’s a little over 15 minutes long. Just FYI, I’m going to begin making a series of YouTube videos on weight loss products and becoming a businesswoman, so if that interests you, you might consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.

Also, the weight loss program I am on is BOGO for the rest of this month. Contact me if you are interested in learning more about this approach.

How to use the BENew weight loss products



IMAG2696It’s not just about looking better, it’s about living better.

This time last year I was about half-way through my 55 pound weight loss journey using the BeNew products. Here’s what I’ve learned now that I’ve lived multiple months at a NORMAL weight instead of putting up with obesity.

There is great joy in freedom of movement. It’s not not just the big stuff like the fact that last Saturday my husband and I took off on a trail we’d never traveled, and I didn’t worry about how far we might go or whether or not I could walk it. That was fabulous, joyful, and free. But it’s the every day stuff that means even more. I can bend over and tie my shoes without effort. I can sit on the floor. Hop off the floor. Curl up in a chair or on the couch. I WANT to enjoy active pursuits instead of fearing or dreading them. This alone is worth taking the BeNew journey, even if how I looked never changed–but of course it did, and that is fantastic, too.

There is great joy in no longer hiding. I wear what I want to wear without looking for big clothes or jackets to hide me. I’m not embarrassed to be caught on camera. I’ve started making video blogs without feeling uncomfortable when I see myself. I don’t hate mirrors anymore. I can dance without feeling embarrassed about my body. I can climb in a hot tub or swimming pool without running from the towel to the water. And (hope this isn’t TMI) but I’m not hiding like I was in the marriage bed either! That may be the very best part.

There are great health rewards. Besides simply feeling better, I have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and increased ability resist whatever crud goes around. I also experience less joint pain in my hips and knees and have more strength and energy. While I attribute a lot of that to weight loss, I also focused on losing weight in a healthy way. The BENew products are health focused, not just weight focused, and I also supported my journey with what I believe is the most effective nutritional supplement on the market, Body Balance.

Shopping is fun! If you’ve ever spent hours looking for the perfect outfit to minimize the fat, imagine with me what it is like to go into a store, throw a bunch of stuff in the cart, and like ALL of it when you try it on. Seriously! Taking the BeNew journey has transformed shopping depression into delight! Last week I hit the after holiday clearance sales. I bought a pair of jeans from the JUNIOR department in the size I wore over 20 years ago. I can’t tell you how amazing that felt. I almost called my husband and best friends right there in the dressing room to shout out the news.


With my friend, Eric Howard, who has lost over 100 pounds and counting using the BeNew products.

Confidence comes more easily. I truly believe in the inside person. I was not less of a person when I was 55 pounds heavier. The real me still worked hard, applied herself, sought to love others, and followed her dreams. But I have to admit that confidence comes easier when I’m not carrying the extra baggage of obesity. Maybe part of it is that people trust me more quickly. It’s as if climbing out of the stronghold of obesity gives me credibility in other areas.

As I lost weight on the outside I grew on the inside. Overcoming the hurdle of obesity required overcoming some interior hurdles as well. A healthy weight loss journey isn’t just about dropping pounds, it’s about dropping other stuff, like emotional baggage, bad habits, skewed mindsets. If you let it, a BeNew weight loss journey can strengthen your inner person and teach you a lot about life.

If you’re toying with the idea of taking your own BeNew journey–or have started and are wondering if it is worth it–pay close attention to all those happy words I just wrote: joy, fun, free, confident, fantastic, fabulous. Then jump in with both feet–or at least dip your big toe in the water. It won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it will be one of the best.

PS If you’d like to hear more of my BENew story as well as about the products I use, please call 206-402-0100 at 5 p.m. MST tonight (Thursday). There is a 30 minute presentation that includes yours truly. Once you’ve called, the guest access pin is: 299215#

LOVE This Weight Loss Story

Sometimes an email just makes your day!

That’s what happened when I emailed my friend and fellow writer, Suzanne Norquist, to ask how HomePage_BENewProducts_245x219her BENew journey is going. It’s responses like hers that make me  jump up and down!

Here’s a clip from her email:

“The diet is going great!  It has been 6 ½ months.  I’m down 45 pounds with a goal of 60 pounds.  I went from size 16 to size 8.  My husband wonders why I need to lose more.

I climbed Mount Princeton last month with my daughter before she left for college.  I had given up on hard mountain hikes a couple of years ago.  I’ve stepped up my workouts and joined a boxing gym where I do the kickboxing power hour workout three times a week.  It is a hard cardio workout.

I have noticed that with the harder workouts, my body thinks I needed more food.  It is taking a while to convince it that it really doesn’t, kind of like at the beginning of the diet.  The other day I told my husband that I was extra hungry.  He asked me what the difference was between being super hungry and being extra hungry because I used both terms.  And, is super hungry more hungry than extra hungry or the other way round?  He is a goofball.

Anyway, it is working for me.  The loss has slowed but keeps going the right direction.  I’m enjoying my new clothes.”

I asked Suzanne if I could share her story. Stories like hers show us it IS possible to move forward. So thank you, Suzanne for being an inspiration to me and my readers!

Obviously I love the products Suzanne is taking since I’ve had such success with them myself, but I noticed several things in Suzanne’s email that showed she’s doing her part, too. She’s intentional about the two biggies–adding movement into her days and eating wisely. Though she supported her journey to a more healthy, active lifestyle by taking good, healthy weight loss products, she looked at to them for support, not to be a magic wand.

As I write often on this blog I want the changes I’m experiencing to bring about a lifestyle change, not a temporary weight loss. For me it’s about support–boosting the speed and chances of success–not dependence. It’s also about health. I choose products that have nutritional value.

The BENew products helped me have more energy to add movement into my day. Along withbody balance the Body Balance nutritional supplement I take, they helped reduce sugar cravings. I believe the research that says they are attacking visceral fat and blocking carbs.

But when I made the decision to take the products I also made a decision to made positive changes and take a journey to healthier living.

How about you? Do you believe in weight loss support products, or would you rather go it on your own? Have you used products as a magic pill? Did that work for you long term?

(And, friends, this post is not a guilt trip. We’ve all longed for a magic wand to zap away our problems. We’ve all stuttered-stepped in our journey to change. It may be that you’ve tried a product that has worked for your friends but not for your body. There is no judgement here, just a desire to have a balanced approach to weight loss no matter the method you choose.)

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Magic pill or sensible support system?

Another Lesson from the Roses

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Last year for Mother’s Day I asked for some red squares and elbow grease. The landscaping rock around my roses bushes needed to be dug up and redone. The weeds had taken over. Thanks to our hard work in totally starting over, I have had very little upkeep around my rose bush. It gets to bloom, and the weeds are gone.

pink rose bush

no weeds 3

Of course the scenario reminded me of this  inside/out weight loss/get healthy journey we’re on.

There are places in my life where the rocks have been dug up and new landscaping has prevailed.

The complete overhaul has to do with consistently giving my body better nutrition. I daily make a point to take my Body Balance nutritional supplement, eat more fresh foods, and drink more water.

Another overhaul has been in the area of movement. While I don’t exercise like a crazy woman, lifting weights and being a true jock, I do make a point to do something active 3-4 times a week at the minimum. This is life change for me, a total re-landscaping of my priorities.

The only problem with my wonderful Mother’s Day gift is that the original intent was the landscaping on BOTH sides of the driveway. One side took WAY more effort than expected. Since my husband and sons did the most back-breaking parts of this endeavor, I didn’t have the heart to push to get that other side done last summer.

Or this one.

And the rock around THAT rose bush continues to be overrun with weeds.


I finally tackled them last week. Some pulled easily from the roots. Others broke off at the top. In a week or so I’ll have to deal with them again.

Of course that whole scenario ALSO reminded me of our BENew journey.

Much of my journey to better health is more like weeding than new landscaping.

Some weeds I pulled pretty much from the roots–like my monthly trip to McDonald’s. There was something about the female cycle that made me want to sneak off to Micky-D’s, drop almost exactly $3 and have a cheeseburger, fries, and Pepsi. That weed is pretty much gone. I’m not saying I’ll never, ever do that again, but I can easily count on my fingers the few times I’ve had french fries since last October–and not once included my ordering at a McDonald’s drive-through window.

I still have a weed I’ve never once tried to dig up from the roots. It’s called sugar.

weed deeo

It’s been chopped off at the top many times. I don’t allow it to take over my landscaping anymore, but neither have I completely rooted it out.

I love to bake. I enjoy my homemade goodies as well as really yummy stuff like dark chocolate. Before my BENew journey I didn’t pay much attention to my sugar intake. Now I do. It’s my goal to use self-control and wisdom. I think about how often and how much I indulge in foods with sugar. I think about how much movement is need to work off these kinds of treats so they don’t settle into more visceral fat. I keep taking my BENew products to block carbs and break down fat cells. I’m not naive enough to believe I can be healthy and still have all the sugar I want if I just take BENew, but it is part of the way I battle.

I have healthy friends who’ve gone after the root of this weed, but I’m not ready to do that. I know, however, that if I don’t give it careful attention, it will completely sabotage my health journey. For now I choose to live with the maintenance required by this weed in my landscaping.

How about you? What parts of your life need a total digging up and re-landscaping if you’re going to meet your goals? Do you have weeds you’ve eradicated all the way from the root? How about one you keep chopping off at the top? Or should?

Even a little weeding can change the the view . . .

bush orange


Weeding or new landscaping?