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Weight Loss Journey Day 32

I crossed a milestone! There was pizza in the house, and I didn’t overeat!

We invited friends over for the Bronco game today after church.

We cut veggies,

pizza 1

and cooked groundbeef and other meats for pizza

pizza 3

with homemade whole wheat crust.

We piled on the ingredients then covered them with cheese

pizza prep 2

And though I ate some

pizza 4

I didn’t go over calorie count.

Part of my success was that I invited the other mom to take a nice, long walk. We got to visit uninterrupted and burned off enough calories that my indulgence in that gooey, hot cheese didn’t crash my plans for weight loss. (I’m learning to mix healthy movement into my daily routines, and it helps a lot!)

I’m now doing my second BEPure cleanse. (Probably a good thing after all that cheese!) I should have started the cleanse on Wednesday, but decided to wait until after Thanksgiving. I hope it doesn’t affect me as much as the first time . . .

Real Time Update:

One of the hardest parts of changing my eating habits was cutting way back on cheese. But I love that I can choose here and there to have it in moderation while being intentional about adding in more fresh foods and exercising.

What’s interesting is that since I’ve been on BeNew my cravings for sweets have diminished to the point I don’t even think about them most days, and my cravings for cheesy things are down at least 60%. They flare when I have a really bad day, am in need of comfort, or see pictures like the ones in this blog, but even then are more manageable than I would have thought possible.

What About You?

What favorite food do you choose to limit to gain greater health and a more fit, lean body?