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Soul Scents: Rooted Available and Discounted

Say tuned this week as I share thoughts about the cross from Soul Scents: Rooted. We included a bonus week of Easter devotionals in the book, and I’m sharing them here as well.

PMApprov2-01It’s here!! Soul Scents: Rooted, Volume 2 in the Soul Scents devotional series released this weekend!

To celebrate, we’ve set up great savings the week of Easter. Through Tuesday you can purchase the Kindle version for only 99 cents! Starting Wednesday the price will go up by $1 until it reaches it’s regular price of 4.99. On Tuesday we’re also offering Soul Scents: Awaken *free* for one day!

The paperback version is also available for both books. It’s difficult to discount the paperbacks, but we found a way. It’s a little complicated, but you can learn how to save money on them through my newsletter. New subscribers get free downloadable Soul Scents: Rooted coloring pages. Those in the Free to Flourish community get all the up-to-date information about new releases, discounts, and free gifts. The Soul Scents: Rooted free downloadable journal, with prompts to assist you in processing the devotional’s message, will be available soon. Check your newsletter for information!

Did you know you can get a free downloadable journal at my website to assist you in thinking about the concepts in Soul Scents: Awaken? There are also *free* Soul Scents: Awaken coloring pages.

~Here’s a little more about Soul Scents: Rooted ~SS Collection

Become rooted in your identity as the beloved! Soul Scents: Rooted, the second book in the Soul Scents devotional series, includes topics such as worthiness, spiritual battle, and destiny. The week-day readings include scriptures and prayers.

The Soul Scents collection invites readers into an ever-deepening discovery of who God is and how He interacts with us. Combined, its four volumes, Awaken, Rooted, Bloom, and Flourish, offer a year’s worth of devotional reading. Each book has thirteen weeks of down-to-earth insight gleaned from scripture and the author’s journey into spiritual freedom.  Rest in the Son’s embrace as you enter the beautiful heart of the Freedom Giver Himself.


Another Lesson. Going Deeper

It’s like the Lord to keep revealing Himself to me. SpS-04

Releasing Soul Scents: Awaken teaches me more about Him and myself.

He is as committed as ever to keep my mind and heart focused on His will and way instead of my own. He continues to remind me that it isn’t about perfectionism or performance, but about message and impact.

This weekend is a prime example.

I was thrilled to give away almost 1,000 book before Christmas. However, then I was embarrassed to find several little things that needed fixing. You know–a missed or misspelled word–that type of thing. Then a friend who is a professional editor/proofreader offered to give the book another round of line edits. I was thrilled. We worked tirelessly, desiring excellence. My formatter uploaded the newly proofed document to create the paperback book, then we decided to update Kindle as well.

We were so happy!

It looked perfect on the previewer. I clicked “publish” with confidence.

On New Year’s Eve I clicked on the link on Amazon to share a preview with a friend. What Amazon published was not what I’d seen on the previewer. Some of our meticulous formatting didn’t make it in the new version. Frustrated, I cancelled my free days and contacted support.

Only they weren’t available due to the holidays.

PMApprov1-01it was hard to combat my ego, but I did. After a day of prayer I rescheduled the free day I’d originally planned and added a second.

This book isn’t about proving anything to the publishing world. The content is intact in the updated version, and this book has a message HE asked me to share. The only thing holding me back from making it available for people to begin on Monday was my pride.

And so today I choose joy. I let go of perfectionism and performance-driven behavior once again. I proclaim from the rooftop (or at least this computer screen!) that God is an loving Father and wants to draw His children close. I’m not going to waste time worrying about some paragraphing.

What about you? Is there a passion in your life you long to share? Does fear of not doing it perfectly hold you back?

Of course we want to share our gifts with excellence, but when ego gets in the way of sharing the glory and goodness of God, the cost is too high.

May He give us both courage to act when it is is time!

The electronic version of Soul Scents: Awaken is free today and tomorrow. The paperback is available for purchase. I hope you’ll join me on the 2016 on the Soul Scents devotional journey.

If you do, I invite you to also check out the Soul Scents Facebook page. Beginning Monday I’ll post little thought starters. I hope you’ll comment/think/prayer/and discuss with me in community.