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Seeker Spirit Sunday ~ Finding Security

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“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19

The “one who casts something between two to cause a separation” (Satan) is coming against me with just the kind of thing Lysa wrote about in the Made to Crave Devotional–the doubts about whether or not God will meet our needs. God has continually proved the Phil 4:19 verse true. For years our God has met our needs. Why would He stop now?

I’m reminded of a friend who had to survive day-to-day. She told me God promised to give her DAILY bread. To her that literally meant trusting that she and her children would be able to eat the next meal.

Daily bread can be literal food, but sometimes it is other stuff, like emotional stamina or will power. But God promises to provide all my needs, and right now in this moment I have the provision for what I need. Instead of looking toward the journey that looms before me I’m convicted to force my mind away from the fears of whether or not tomorrow will be provided for.

Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow. We don’t usually have enough trust for the endless demands of the future, but we typically have enough trust for this one moment. Tomorrow I can ask again for the daily provision I need for that next hard moment.

In the devotion Lysa asked readers to fill in the following blank. “I need ___________ so I can be satisfied.

I put security in that blank. What do you put?

I’ll bet there’s nothing wrong with whatever most of us put above.

I said security. Feeling secure is a good thing! The problem is when I buy into the lie that I have to get that security at all cost. That I can never be satisfied if I don’t have the kind of security I long for. See, the only completely secure place is in God’s hand. Life will never be completely stable or safe or secure. My Father is my only unending, never-failing security.

Think about Your answer.

What do you think you need to be satisfied? Will that thing truly satisfy? Or does the yearning for it throw you out of balance? Make you worry?

Does it displace Him?

Lysa said the enemy wants to separate us from God BEST plans, PROPER provision, and PEACE.

As I work on this blog which will post in a few days, I feel this struggle, the enemy fighting to separate me from God’s plan.

I don’t want to “overspend, overwork, overeat”, or over-anything  to fill try to myself up, chasing after desires that will never completely satisfy.

The only complete, deep inside satisfaction is Him.

I’m also convicted that “God’s provision satisfies the soul” and “Satan’s provision gratifies the flesh.” I cling to the thought that God’s provision in the short term will reap blessing in the long term. It has in my weight loss journey. At the year mark I’ve 55 pounds lighter. Now I need to that that daily quest to receive God’s provision into my new challenges. I pray to resist the enemy’s short term solutions because they will only bring long-term heartache.

It’s crazy how a devotional about weight loss can get so deep. But really, isn’t that why we overeat too often, looking to satisfy something that will never be satisfied outside of Jesus? I’ve given into temptation and gone to bed bloated and over-full, but not satisfied. I’ve done it literally with food. I’ve done it figuratively with other stuff.

How much better to ask for the grace to truly believe that my God supplies ALL my needs. I don’t have to grasp at anything–food or other–to try to stuff that scared, empty place inside.

Won’t you pray Lysa’s prayer with me?

Dear Lord,
I am reminded once again of how dangerous temptations are, because they invite me to meet my needs outside of Your will. Keep me from compromising and from justifying today. I know that only Your provision sustains life and satisfies my soul. I want this truth to ring loud and clear throughout my day today. In Jesus’ name

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Weight Loss Journey Day 45

Jerry and I attended a Christmas party for a company he’s done a little work for.  I ate carefully during the day, took small portions at the party, and stayed within calorie count! I’m a far cry from the girl in October who couldn’t deal with birthday celebrations. Oh, I go over calorie count as I did on Tuesday, but I’m so much better.

IMAG0603To be honest, I felt a little uptight about going. The father of this family has been known to make $100,000 in a month, and I can’t even compute such a thing. His goal is to earn a solid million next year. His giving goal is to single-handedly finance a revival campaign in Africa to the tune of a million dollars.

As I’m being remade inside and out, I have to deal with my concept of money. It was almost as if the church environment where I grew up believed it was holy to have little. Oh we spent money on stuff, just bragged about our great finds and sale prices. As an adult, I have more earning power than I’ve used because I want to be home with the children. For years, we’ve chosen to live on one salary. With my husband having an entrepreneur’s spirit, our finances have gone up and done as the businesses he built did the same. In the Bible the Apostle Paul said he knew how to be abased and how to abound. (Funny how  I remember the old King James language even though I rarely read that version now.) I know, at least at some level, how to be abased.

I’m ready to learn how to abound.

Our financial ups and downs have given opportunity for me to learn about God’s provision. We’ve done without a lot of stuff, but never without what was needed. Even in bad times I’ve often had enough in the freezer and pantry to share with others who struggle.

One year I told the Lord I needed a new coat. Soon after my friend, Jan, gave me one. She’s about the only female I know with arms as long as mine, and it fit perfectly! Over the years the kids have had amazing opportunities that I still don’t know how we paid for except that we prayed, and God provided.

That felt a bit cavalier. Struggling financially is awful. I’ve cried more times than anyone but the Lord knows. And there were times I couldn’t contain the struggle and burst into tears at really embarrassing places, like a check-out counter at the grocery store.

It’s hard to learn to trust God in this area, to pray in free-lance writing projects or book contracts for me and product sales for my husband. I hate it, but I wouldn’t trade the lessons learned for anything. It’s been hard on the kids, but there was a maturity forged in them through such struggles. It positively impacted their work ethic and taught them about faith, family, and perseverance.

I sense the LORD moving in our finances. Since Jerry has started working at Life Force International I’ve been blown away by the opportunities given him, as well as the healthy attitude from the company about money. I sense someday soon I will be faced with a new learning curve, discovering how to abound financially.

I pray if that happens money will be a tool, not an idol. That I can feel the freedom to enjoy what is given me, but that I can also be generous. There is no shame in having money. And I’m thinking Jerry and I may finally have grown enough to be trusted with it.

Real Time Update:

It’s funny what comes out in a weight loss journal. But doesn’t all of life affect all of us? I KNOW I’ve eaten to out of feelings of being deprived due to financial lack. I’m learning to think before eating mindlessly, that food doesn’t fix emotion (unless I’m truly in a blood sugar low because I NEED healthy food.) I want my transformation to be complete–inside, outside, upside down me! And if I’m living NEW and FREE, I gotta deal with money attitudes . . .

How About You?

What issues connect to your eating habits that surprise you?