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Be Empowered (Day 115)

blancePrioritizing my health goals is empowering! It’s a beautiful May day here in Colorado. I took a break from my work for a nice, long walk with my sweetheart, then did shaping exercises here at home. When I hit the computer again my head was clearer, my attitude better, and I felt empowered!

Looking back at my weight loss journey, empowered is how I felt last Feb. when I quit letting the weather block my exercising and did something different:

Day 115 ~ I told Jerry this morning that I don’t think I’ve gained or look heavier, but I FEEL heavier since I haven’t exercised much this week. I also told him I think it is easier to blow it off without the accountability of the Fitness app. When you don’t have to see the bar turn red when you go over calorie count, you don’t have to think about your choices as much. Exercise kept that bar from going red even when I ate a little more.

Funny. When I took a break from My Fitness Pal I thought I’d struggle with food, but I think I’m struggling more with exercise. I’m not sure if this is going to work for me, but I want to give myself a few more days to see.

It’s still really cold outside, but since I only exercised on Tuesday of this week, I HAD to figure something out. I did Pilates for the first time since December 2011!! (I quit after my January accident in 2012 due to whiplash, and just when my PT released me to do them again I had another car accident!) I am sore now, mostly in my neck, but it felt like a major step forward to pull that DVD out! AND, I feel empowered that I did SOMETHING physical even though I have a huge pile of work waiting for my attention. ~ Feb. 15

Real Time Update:

I think I’m having mother-of-bride syndrome! Today at the bank there was this precious three year old on her mom’s hip. She was all dressed in a pink dress, and had sleepy eyes. Her mom had to awaken her to bring her in. I about burst into tear then and there! How can my baby girl be getting married??


Exercise clears your head so you can be more productive.

Finding a way to meet your goals when they seem blocked is empowering!

Be empowered. Meet a blocked goal.

How About You?

How can you enjoy the sunshine? Meet a blocked goal?