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Food is Beautiful! (Day 101)

Unexpected joys. I’ve found a lot of them since starting my weight loss journey. One that especially surprised me is how much I enjoy the color combinations of good food. Since I’ve broadened my eating habits and sought to include more fruits and vegetables, I’m stunned by how gorgeous food is. My boys tease me when I grab my camera with an exclamation of, “look how pretty that is!”

Take bell peppers. I recently was given a huge box of them, all different colors.


We made some into chicken fajitas.


And I cut the rest into tiny squares, leaving a mosaic of green, red, yellow, and orange in my big bowl.

peppers cut up close up shot

Then I froze them in 1/2 cup portions. I got two gallon sized Ziplock bags full.

peppers freezing process

Now it is quick and easy to grab peppers for omelets, meat loaf, etc. I froze some onions, too. If I can have things in the freezer to make cooking healthy easier and quicker, then the whole family wins. The day we had fajitas I even had pre-sliced chicken breasts in the freezer, so it was a really quick meal prep.

Today I also sliced

strawberries sliced

And froze

strawberries to freeze

More strawberries for my BEFull shake.        

So often weight loss is focused on the shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t. Of course I have made choices to limit and avoid certain foods. But I also seek to to enjoy good food, embracing it’s beauty and flavor as a gift from the Creator.                       ~Feb. 01, 2013

Real Time Update:

Two months later I continue to enjoy the fruits of my February first labors!

How About You?

What do you do to make healthy preparation easier? How do you enjoy the beauty of food even as you are dropping pounds?

Mango Miracle (Middle Weight Loss Journey Days 70 and 71)

The posts below are taken from what I now consider my middle journey, about 1/3 of the way into my weight loss goals.

Day 70

Went out for a wonderful New Year’s Day breakfast with Jerry. Since I racked up so many calories at breakfast I had a small bowl of soup for lunch and my shake for supper. I feel satisfied. Isn’t it amazing I’m starting to feel satisfied with so much less food?

Added up my miles for December. I walked 64.44 miles in that one month! I’m thrilled.                          ~ January 1, 2013

Day 71

Mango Miracles

Frozen Mango and papaya. At first I used smaller individual bags and froze in 1 cup servings. Now I freeze in 1/2 cup servings so I can mix more flavors without having too much. I also wrap the fruit in plastic wrap and only use one larger Ziploc bag. Always looking to save $$. (The only caveat here is that blueberries tend to freeze better in individual bags because they are so round that they break out of the plastic and roll around.)

This is embarrassing. I said I prayer, and when God answered I was too dense (at first) to see the answer right in front of my eyes.

Here’s what happened. I’ve wished for frozen mango to go in my shakes at lunch but didn’t want to spend the money with everything so tight right now. So I said a little mango prayer, letting the Lord know my desire.

Today I went to the discount food place. I was IN MY CAR driving away when I realized there was a whole flat of an unfamiliar fruit. I went back in, “uh . . . are those mangos?”

Honestly, I’d never bought one whole, only cut up and frozen in a bag!  The discount place was about to close, and there were a whole flat of mangos left that needed quick attention, so they gave them to me.

Tonight I peeled, cubed, and froze 22 cups of mango, wrapped individually. That’s 22 meals when I can add tang to my shake! I also prepared 3 pomegranates and froze some papaya and pears that needed to be used quickly before they were old. It feels super good to have healthy, low calorie food frozen and waiting.

Real Time Update:
Some people say that eating healthy is cheaper than eating poorly. At our house I was already cooking from scratch and mostly avoiding processed food when I began trying to lose weight and eat more healthy foods. To take it up a notch with more fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of protein has NOT been cheaper. But between prayers and a willingness to work, there has been provision beyond my budget.

What About You?

Do you have any tricks to eat well and not break the bank?