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Battling the Deadline

Maybe you, like me, have chosen a career that is in direct conflict with a toned, healthy body. When I started writing seriously I gained 3-5 pounds a year. It kept creeping on and “suddenly” I was obese.


Work can be never ending . . .

The sedentary aspect of the job is only part of the issue. The other issues are probably similar to things you deal with in your job, things like deadlines that make you work long hours, stress that makes you crave chocolate, projects that are so overwhelming you don’t take a lunch break or have enough time in your day for exercise.

Chances are you don’t get to work in your jammies like I often do, but we share a lot of the same struggles I wrote about in my weight loss journal:

Day 121 Crazy day! When my first guests arrived for the wrap party hosted by my friend and fellow author, Alison Strobel Morrow, I was still in my gown! Seriously! Since I needed to get a proposal to my agent I figured I’d get up early and start working. When I finished I would work-out, clean the house, shower, and be gorgeous for the wrap party.


I hit send on my proposal as the doorbell rang about 6:30 that night, let the first two people in, then rushed off to brush my hair and put clothes on. Sheesh! No exercise, no decent food. . . and  here I was, house not so clean and me not so clean. But we had fun at the wrap party anyway—and I lost ¼ inch around my waist in the first 45 minutes. ~Feb. 21

Day 122 ~ How have I let this happen? I haven’t exercised since Monday, and it’s Friday! Thought I might make a strong focus of exercise this morning until I opened my email and found that my agent wanted several things in the proposal that I hadn’t put it. Next thing you know I’m reliving Thursday and working all day in my gown. But this deadline pretty much trumps everything.

I eventually got frustrated with my lack of creative progress and wanted to reach for snacks. I was proud of myself when I took a break and did 40 minutes of Pilates instead! Then it was back to the grindstone.

I never did get my work being as perfect as I wanted it to be–or maybe I did and didn’t know it. I called a writer friend and read it to her before I could hit the send key. She assured me I’d done good work. Her words gave me enough courage to call it finished  When I finally sent it off to my agent it was with the plea that if I was stupid instead of clever she would let me know. Sometimes I just can’t tell. ~ Feb. 22

As I’ve said before, life rarely looks like I’ve planned it. It’s easy to get thrown off track in the weight loss journey, but every step forward moves us toward our goal. Even when things aren’t perfect, like in these two journal entries, we can make a single decision we wouldn’t have made before–like when I did Pilates instead of snacking–and still be moving in the right direction. We can choose strong nutritional support that helps carry us through the stress times.

My career–and maybe yours–doesn’t lend itself to a healthy body. But I’m not powerless. Sometimes the deadline battle trumps everything else in the short-term. I just can’t let that be for the long-term. Because I am important, not just my responsibilities. If I don’t take care of me eventually I can’t take care of my responsibilities.

To ponder and share:

A single right decision keeps us moving forward.

Some careers work against a healthy body, but we aren’t powerless.

If I don’t take care of myself eventually I can’t take care of anything else.

Weight Loss Journey Day 36

I’ve gone public.

I hadn’t planned to do so until I’d lost enough weight I was sure people could tell a difference. I thought 20 or 25 pounds.

Sarah being silly up close

My girl, Sarah, who spilled the beans

But Sarah didn’t know that, and spilled the beans all over Facebook, posting my story on her dad’s business page, Yes, It’s that Good. Then of course he posted a link on my personal page.


Still, it was pretty awesome—and convicting—what she said. I’ll let her words speak instead of mine:

I’m so proud of my Mom, Paula Moldenhauer. God has let her get knocked down time and time again, so He’s starting from the ground level and building her into something even more amazing. And for the first time in my 21 years she has done something not only for her heart, but she has taken the challenge and decided to work on her outside too.

Today when she came to get her hair done I was shocked! She’d lost almost 20 pounds!!!! Not only is she one hot mama now, she walks straighter, smiles bigger, and laughs more…. I didn’t know it was possible 😛 It’s so good to see her proud looking at her reflection again. 🙂 She’s the total package! BENew has been amazing for her, even as a crazy home schooling mom of 4 (and the extras here and there) she has been able to live her life style and just make some healthier choices.

I’m so proud of you, Mom! You’re beautiful inside and out!

Real Time Update:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about Sarah’s comment–that in her WHOLE life she never remembered me taking care of my outside.


In the last ten years or so, I’ve become increasingly passionate about freedom–the freedom to live as we were created to live. Emotionally, I worked hard to release damaging behaviors and attitudes, like my tendencies toward perfectionism and performance-driven behavior. Spiritually, I connected with the wonder of God’s grace and made efforts to get off the legalistic treadmill of trying to be good enough for God. I learned to open my heart wide to accept the unconditional love of my God and grew in my ability to offer it to others . . .

But my girl’s right. I missed the connection when it came to my body. It was like that part of me was off limits. Nobody, not even God, had the right to speak into that.

But gaining weight and not taking care of my health wasn’t freedom. I know that sounds weird. I mean isn’t freedom having all the chocolate I want???? But what slowly crept over my body was bondage.

I’m learning a new freedom as I am returning to the size I was created to be. A freedom of movement. A physical connection to joy. The power to choose healthy foods. The energy to live!

Physically, I’m getting my life back.

And you know what? I’m glad my kids get to see it. I want them to have healthy, full, free lives. I hope my recent journey is an object lesson they remember when they are pushing 50 and staying healthy takes more effort than it does for them now.

How About You?

What is freedom to you in the area of your physical self? How do your kids perceive your choices for (or not for) health? What do you want them to see?