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Weighin’ In


Yes. A great favorite of mine. Hard to resist

You gotta know when God gives you a cool new understanding of a big concept like I talked about last week, that it will be tested.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve caught the words, “I am overwhelmed” coming out of my mouth. When I did I tried to rephrase quickly. “I mean, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I know God is never overwhelmed, and He’ll help me.”

It’s been a while since I’ve kept my commitment to you to post about weight loss on Wednesdays. I am determined to do so this week mostly because it is after midnight on Tuesday night, and i just made a bunch of bad choices. I figure confession is good for the soul.

After an incredibly full day I determined to keep my word to get a round of edits to a free-lance editing client. Throughout the day I’d attempted to finish this work, but it needed more germinating time than I anticipated, meaning I’d open the document, play with the structure, and feel confused about why it wasn’t working. Then I’d get frustrated and paint something (we’re doing remodeling at our house, pictures soon!) or visit Facebook.

This happened repeatedly.

It was about bedtime when the thoughts simmered enough to become cohesive, and I tackled the project, determined to finish.

It is now 12:17 a.m.


This is good, too

I started out pretty well. When the weariness hit and I reached for energy I first chose an apple and water, such a healthy snack as my fingers flew across the laptop on my keyboard.

Unfortunately, that morphed into dark chocolate and almond milk before midnight hit. The good news is I didn’t eat an entire bar.

The good news is also that if I was going to indulge I’m glad it was my favorite brand.

The bad news is that it was two different flavors of my favorite brand and more little pieces than I care to count. (I did resist the third flavor in my cabinet, raspberries in dark chocolate, but I digress.)

And so here I am, clicking away on this blog, thinking that too many choices like this, and the weight I lost will find me again. Thinking that I want to be a writer but that sitting at my computer burns roughly 100 calories an hour, and I don’t even want to consider how many calories I just consumed, especially since I inhaled a calorie-rich supper and half a hot-fudge Sunday before beginning my midnight vigil.

I like to think there are some positive, take-away tidbits when I write about this stuff, even in my bad choices. I suppose the most profound thought I have at this moment is how very easy it is to return to old habits, even after two years of making better choices.

I comfort myself with the reminder that each day is a new beginning. One choice doesn’t undo all the good accomplished. And maybe, just maybe, admitting my step backwards in this public way will help me choose those steps forward.

And honestly? Chocolove rocks. My editing goals were accomplished. I have a soft, warm bed waiting for me. Tomorrow’s rain forecast was cancelled, and I have the opportunity to take a nice, long walk.

His mercies are new EVERY morning.

Until next time,

paula cropped



Spirit Seeker Sunday~All Things

Spirit 16 stephen

Photo by Stephen Moldenhauer

All things work together for good . . .

This Christian phrase comes from a Scripture in the Bible that says that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. It’s found in Romans 8:28.

I discovered this Scripture while in elementary school. I still remember sitting on the gold carpet in front of the heat vent and reading those words. Hope instantly filled my young heart. Even back then there was stuff. Even back then I knew I needed a God who’d work it all out.

Though I’ve lived my life with this Scripture as a foundation, recently the Lord confronted my attitude, asking me if I truly believed it. He showed me I settled for less than the good He wanted for me. All around the seed of doubt I’d entertained was a growing anger. But God is good, as always. He then reminded me He is faithful and has good plans for me. He showed me that my anger didn’t rock His world, and even showed me where I succeeded so I’d quit leaving in the places of my failures. He does work for my good.

We all have our stuff. For many of us the whole weight loss journey has been too hard for too long. I’m experiencing some success now, but for years I couldn’t even bring myself to try–or even care–about my issues with weight and health. In her Made to Crave Devotional Lysa TerKeurst talks about how it can be hard to believe God is working everything for good when her “jeans won’t zip.” But God did lead Lysa’s journey to better health, and her story has inspired countless others to persevere in their own journey. God took an area of Lysa’s struggle and shaped good from it. Now she reminds others the journey isn’t about today’s too tight jeans, but all God can do through a surrendered heart (and body.)

We can trust the One who makes change possible. He’s got this–the weight loss struggles–all of it.

There is always “stuff” that seems too hard, impossible to our way of thinking. Sometimes we know there is a possible good future, but in the reality of today hopeful thinking feels fake–like platitudes that sound nice but carry no truth. But Lord, all thing are possible for YOU. When we hit the wall of “I can’t”, remind us that YOU can. When the hope before us seems too far away to believe, remind us that You accomplish what You desire. Give us the faith that You truly work all things (even in our body) for our good, making us like Jesus (Romans 8:29), and using us to help others. Give us a sense of your plan, your destiny, your power.

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All things means a healthy body, too