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Spirit Seeker Sunday~In Words

He is WITH me. He leads, restores, guides, comforts, fills, and satisfies me.

In her Made to Crave Devotional Lysa TerKeurst asks, “Do I rely on the Lord in these ways or do I rely on food in these ways?”

Hmmm . . . if i’m honest, the answer is, “both.” I don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling satisfied after a healthy meal or even comforted by a nice cup of hot tea. But the question is whether I TURN to things or to Jesus.

What RULES me?

Where do I look for joy, or where do I look in times of need?

Lysa calls it a war. She says the enemy is always whispering defeat in our ears.

I’ll bet you’ve heard some of the vile whispers she talked about–the stuff that says we’ll never be free. I know I’ve heard things like that. The good thing about those awful thoughts is when something that negative comes at us, we can be sure of where it came from!

It did NOT from the One who created us, set us free with His own blood, empowers us to victory, and wants only GOOD for us!

Thank you that you march before me, behind me, beside me in the battle for my soul. Teach me how to live in the victory You won at the cross. Teach me to reject the lies of the enemy and to look to You for my both my needs and my joys. Thank you for leading, restoring, guiding, comforting, filling, and satisfying me.

How about you? The vile whispers aren’t just about weight loss. The evil one constantly looks for a crack in the armor where he can place a long crooked claw and pierce our vulnerable places. Been thinking about that a lot lately. In fact, I have a whole blog in my head about letting go of the prefix “in” and using it only as a preposition. I need to let go of insecure, inadequate, incapable, and all such words and replace all of them with IN CHRIST. I am secure, capable, adequate and much more IN CHRIST.

So I just admitted I’ve been struggling with feeling lots of “in” words . . . what do you struggle with? What weapons do you fight with?

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Dropping the “In” Words