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Counting Out a Serving Days 68 & 69

salsaStayed under calorie count today by having a shake for dinner, which is usually my heaviest meal. This afternoon I craved salsa, which isn’t so bad. Low calories, pretty healthy . . . BUT what to eat it on? I gave in to some processed food but felt good about how I handled it. Here’s what my friend Kathleen taught me: if you eat chips or crackers, just count out a serving, put the bag/box away, and only eat that much! ~ December 30, 2012

I weighed first thing when I got up this morning. 183, baby! Today is December 31st, and 183 is almost 30 pounds lighter than I was January 2012.  Wahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I’m down a bunch of inches! If you add up what I’ve lost in the bust, waist, hips, thighs, and biceps, it totals 15 inches!

I had a busy, busy day and no time for a nice long walk, but I was so proud of myself. I made a point to go just one mile of a walk/run, which doesn’t even take 15 minutes, burns about 200 calories with the hills I go up and down, and makes me feel empowered! But .  .  . it is SO cold to walk outside in 20 degree weather. Still, I’ll take that over a treadmill any day! ~ December 31, 2012

Real Time Update:

I’ve lost another 13 pounds since the post above. The weight comes off more slowly as there is less of it, and I’m feeling so much thinner that I find motivation is more difficult. I move with ease and feel younger and look normal. It’s easy to think, “I’m not so bad . . .”

Still, I’m telling myself I need to persevere. I’m smaller than I’ve been in many years, but what if I lost that last little bit of fat, the layer that’s been there since at least my third child, Stephen, was born almost 17 years ago. How would THAT feel? And who is the me God intended when He created me? I don’t even know for sure after all these years of being overweight. What if I discovered it? What would THAT feel like?

What About You?

How do the changes in your body motivate or demotivate you? Are you tempted to settle for good when you could move on to great? How much is your journey about feeling healthy and strong and how much is it about how your clothes fit? Do you have tricks to avoid over-eating, like counting out the number of crackers or chips you will allow yourself and then putting the box away?


Weight Loss Journey Day 50

I’m under calorie count today because I burned over 500 calories exercising! (I’m learning I can stay satisfied on the amount of calories I eat as long as I earn at least 300 by exercising. That means I actually ingest 1500 or so, but burn 300 so my count stays around 1200.) Today I earned over 500, then didn’t get around to eating them all. Crazy! When I first started this journey anything under 2,000 seemed like torture!

After my surprise prayer adventures, I often start off walking without a plan and ask the Lord to show me where to go. Today, I made a point to walk around the elementary school again now that I know more specifically how to pray for those kids and teachers. I prayed that the 50% hired back would be hand-picked by the Lord to help move the school toward healing, and that those left without a job would be led to the right place for this stage in their life/career. I also prayed for the kids, for the families, for community people who will be a part of the healing.

After I finished I walked past an empty strip mall that was very close to the school. I found myself praying for a church to build there that would know how to care for the needs of the families of that school.

Then I kept wandering, asking the Holy Spirit to lead me, and ended up walking to the nearest high school just as they let out. I mingled in the crowds, praying silently for the kids I walked by, for the school, for the teachers. I also prayed specifically for the baseball team, since my boys play on it.

I still weigh 190 lbs. Ready to drop again. I’m told sometimes you stall out, but I don’t like it.                                        ~December 12, 2012

BeNew Outside 2

A recent picture taken about 2 pounds ago. Unfortunately the sun was in my eyes so my face looks a little weird!

Real Time Update:

After I wrote the above I plateaued briefly at 190, then dropped another 7 pounds pretty quickly. Then things slowed again.

I’m now another 60ish days into the weight loss journey and down to roughly 175 pounds, which puts total weight loss of 35 pounds. I gotta tell you, the last ten has come off MUCH more slowly than the first 25! But the point is that it continues to come off!

I don’t know if I can prove this scientifically, but it feels like my body needs some time to adjust in between losses now. I’ll be frustrated for a while, then suddenly drop 3 or 4 pounds. But I’m learning not to get too excited when I start dropping again because it doesn’t last too long before the weight loss slows again.