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Punctuated with a Blossom

This morning Mother Nature wrapped up my pruning posts, punctuating them with a big, pink bow–er .  . . blossom.

One of my favorite rose bushes looked decidedly unhealthy this spring. I watered it, feed it, watched it, but it didn’t regain health. In desperation I pruned it almost to the ground, hoping to give it a chance at growing properly even though the time for cutting back seemed long past.

At first I wondered if the bush would be a little sticky stump all summer. Then suddenly it shot up, three long branches climbing toward the sky. A few days ago I noticed buds. They looked a little strange on the edges, and I wondered if they would even unfold.

Here’s what greeted us this morning:

roses backyard 1

Not only had the bush survived the harsh cutting of the shears, it offered what may be the most beautiful and fragrant blossoms of any of my 8 rose bushes.

The deep pruning produced great dividends.

If you read those two pruning posts earlier in the week, (Cutting Away and Another Lesson from the Roses), you know what I’m trying to say. Sometimes we make choices for health–inside and out–that seem drastic.

Big changes.

A deep cutting away.

And though there may be a season where it seems all for naught, eventually wise change produces great return.

rose back yard 2

Don’t give up on your journey to better health, my friends. The joyful results are breath-taking as you reclaim your life.

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Wise change brings breath-taking beauty

(PS. If all this pruning talk makes you think of other areas of your life, not just sugar or McDonald’s french fries, you might want to tune in on Sunday. Several years ago I wrote a devotion about pruning. I’ve decided to share that tomorrow on Spirit Seeker Sunday.)