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Weigh In Wednesday ~ Old Advice with a Powerful New Aha!

Yup. I know. You thought I was too full of bemoaning my revolving front door and emptying nest to think about Wednesdays.

I made a plan I didn’t stick to, promising you I’d post about weight and healthy living once a week. Heck, lately I haven’t even posted once a week, much less in a ordered fashion. For those of you who once looked to Wednesdays for that little nudge of encouragement on your journey to better health, I’m sorry I wasn’t here.

The good news is I’m bursting with stuff to share with you today. Some of it is new (to me), and some revisits what we’ve talked about before.

First off, can I just say the sunshine is absolutely glorious?


After above average rainfall I’m loving the sunshine AND getting back outside. As my good friend Marie of I Walk Alone reminded me last week, walking is good for what ails us, including empty nest grief.

I LOVE the more active lifestyle I began in 2012 when I starting walking to help drop those unwanted pounds, and I am determined not to lose the ability to enjoy the more physical aspects of life.

Today I walked with a new friend on a new trail. Everything was fresh and green.


Flowers bloomed.



We even saw ducks!


Does it get any better? My oft-repeated advice I repeat once again. Get outside! Move! Enjoy some sunshine. As Rachelle Gardner reminded me in her post, On Self Care and Being Humble, taking care of ourselves is not wasted time!

Second (and here’s the old advice with the new aha), I heard something interesting on the radio this morning. According to some study–sorry I missed which one–can you guess the WORST thing you can do for weight-related issues?

Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself you’re fat.

Now that wasn’t earth-shattering for me, but I made some connections I hadn’t before. The DJ mentioned Zig Ziglar teaches that goal-setting should be done in front of the mirror in the form of positive affirmations. For example stand there and say, “I’m thin” or “I’m good with money” or whatever it is you want to accomplish.

My brother, who recently launched a podcast that quickly reached the “new and noteworthy” list told me to state my dreams as already reached. He says it feels weird at first but that you’re not lying, you’re simply stating future realities.

A friend had a slightly different approach. He spoke to his subconscious. He told himself that the extra weight he carried was damaging his health, and that it was imperative he the lose weight. He explained the specific health issues he faced, then he asked himself to help him exercise and resist unhealthy food choices. He dropped pounds quickly and is now–in a short space of time–more fit than I’ve ever seen him.

To be honest the above concepts sounded a little like psychological mumbo-jumbo to me, but because of my own weight loss journey and how deeply my thoughts and self-talk affected my success or lack thereof, I’ve been listening. Still . . . some of it seemed a little off the deep end.

But the DJ on the radio brought it together for me this morning when he said, “after all, isn’t this just renewing our minds like the Bible talks about? And besides, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.'”*

Whew. It all came together for me then.

Maybe that study is right. THE most powerful tool in our getting healthy journey is our mind.

So, what are you going to say to your mirror? I, for one, am trashing the trash talk and speaking future realities.

And about these Weigh In Wednesdays? Here’s my mirror words for today: I am an advocate of healthy, joyful living and sharing about it on my blog on Wednesdays is a priority!

Until Next Time,


*Romans 12: 2; Proverbs 23:7

Progress Not Perfection: Days 112 and 113

The journey to a healthier body is more about forward movement than perfect execution. Just read these in my weight loss journal:

Day 112  Walked over four miles today. Amazing how the miles fly when I’m on the phone! It felt good to get back outside after three days without walking. ~ Feb. 12

Day 113 Another busy, busy day . . . and I didn’t exercise. I think I’m doing okay with what I’m eating since I quit recording everything in My Fitness Pal, but knowing I don’t have to look at the calories drop on the app makes it easier to snitch that little bite of chocolate or other unhealthy foods. I need to watch that. ~ Feb. 13

Here it is May. If I were still writing in my weight loss journal, the entries for this week would look a lot like those above. There were day I ate light and days I didn’t. Days when I exercised and days when I didn’t. Days when I did some focused work on the spots that need toning, and days I didn’t. But overall, I’m not blowing off the journey. I’ve learned to be mindful about what goes in my mouth and how often I move.

sit upEven without perfection, the scale was less this morning. My clothes fit better. I’m healthier.

It’s not the daily perfection; it’s the forward progress.

It’s not quitting because I had a bad day yesterday; it’s living in the new mercies of each day.

Have a beautiful, healthy day, my friends! Enjoy some sunshine. Do five sit-ups. Eat something healthy. Turn away from a choice that would hold you back and turn toward one that propels you forward!

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It’s not the daily perfection; it’s the forward progress

How About You? What one choice will you make today that is forward progress?