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Weight Loss Journey Day 26


Playing in the candles–what I get for trying to bring home Kathleen’s elegance to a household of men . . .

I’m home.

I have to cook for three teenage boys.

I do. I fight not to have the carbs they need.

I walk.

I stay beneath calorie count.

I’ve learned a lot from Kathleen, from our healthy meals, our daily treks on the sand.

But I’m disappointed when I climb the big hill by my house, that long mile that ascends. I look at Jerry and laugh. “I guess I’m still not in as good as shape as I thought I was back at sea level.”

Yup. I’m back home.

A mile high.

Real Time Update:

It was so much easier to eat low calorie when I didn’t have to worry about growing boys. I still struggle with this issue.

What About You?

How do you stay on the weight loss journey when you’re around others who need more calories than you do–especially if you’re the cook?