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Monday Morning Makeover ~ Confident in Victory

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How do you see yourself and your future?

Spirit Seeker Sunday~In Words

He is WITH me. He leads, restores, guides, comforts, fills, and satisfies me.

In her Made to Crave Devotional Lysa TerKeurst asks, “Do I rely on the Lord in these ways or do I rely on food in these ways?”

Hmmm . . . if i’m honest, the answer is, “both.” I don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling satisfied after a healthy meal or even comforted by a nice cup of hot tea. But the question is whether I TURN to things or to Jesus.

What RULES me?

Where do I look for joy, or where do I look in times of need?

Lysa calls it a war. She says the enemy is always whispering defeat in our ears.

I’ll bet you’ve heard some of the vile whispers she talked about–the stuff that says we’ll never be free. I know I’ve heard things like that. The good thing about those awful thoughts is when something that negative comes at us, we can be sure of where it came from!

It did NOT from the One who created us, set us free with His own blood, empowers us to victory, and wants only GOOD for us!

Thank you that you march before me, behind me, beside me in the battle for my soul. Teach me how to live in the victory You won at the cross. Teach me to reject the lies of the enemy and to look to You for my both my needs and my joys. Thank you for leading, restoring, guiding, comforting, filling, and satisfying me.

How about you? The vile whispers aren’t just about weight loss. The evil one constantly looks for a crack in the armor where he can place a long crooked claw and pierce our vulnerable places. Been thinking about that a lot lately. In fact, I have a whole blog in my head about letting go of the prefix “in” and using it only as a preposition. I need to let go of insecure, inadequate, incapable, and all such words and replace all of them with IN CHRIST. I am secure, capable, adequate and much more IN CHRIST.

So I just admitted I’ve been struggling with feeling lots of “in” words . . . what do you struggle with? What weapons do you fight with?

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Dropping the “In” Words


Spirit Seeker Sunday 9

Spirit 10 stephen

Let His Spirit move us. Fresh, Flowing, Bubbling. (Photo by Stephen Moldenhauer)

Good ole Eve. She didn’t consider the choice or the consequences in that famous story of taking the forbidden fruit. The serpent tempted her. “She saw it. She wanted it. She bought the lie. She took it. And she suffered for it.”*

Sounds all too familiar.

But the enemy tried the same tactics on Jesus, and He walked away victorious.

We, like Eve, are imperfect beings. We know what it means to give into temptation. But here’s the deal. As believers in Jesus we also have the Spirit living inside us. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, the same power that gave Him the ability to overcome temptation, dwells in US!

A while back my youngest took driver’s ed. The last day the kids did a driving exhibition. Before they began the teachers gave the parents a bit of driving instruction. It was about focus. They told us they teach the kids to keep their eyes focused on where they want to go, even if they are in a skid, because if they are looking toward where they should be, the car will follow automatically.

My mind turned to food. And then to life. The application was clear. Where I want to be is where Jesus is. Where I want to be is where He wants me to be. I want to keep my focus on where I want to go–intimacy with Christ, being transformed inside and outside to be like Him, following HIS Spirit and direction . . . and specific to this journey, becoming the size He created me to be.

But I go where my focus is. For Eve it was fruit. For me the other day it was a cherry chocolate.cherry chocolate

If I’m focused on that cherry chocolate on the table (like I was the other day) and I’m fueled by my worries, (like that day), I’m going to eat the cherry chocolate, (like I did that day). But if I had slowed down and considered the choices and consequences, if I’d looked to Jesus to take care of the worries that had me in turmoil, I may or may not have eaten that chocolate.

If I did, it would have been a choice made with peace. Instead it was a choice made with rebellion. I pushed away any chance of conviction or refocus and just saw, wanted, and ate. If I do that too many more times I’m going to be pretty disappointed because it will start affecting my goals and my hard earned weight loss. Too much more, and it will affect my health.

But beyond all that, I will also miss the opportunity for deeper communion with Jesus. I will miss peace and joy of enjoying a cherry chocolate because I have His blessing–or the victory of walking away from it because He empowered me and surrendering to His prompting was more important than eating that candy.

We need help with our focus. Please help us to keep our eyes on YOU, to want what YOU want, to stop, consider, and dialogue with You in all of our lives, including this crazy journey to the healthier, trimmer selves you created us to be.

What about you?

What’s your take on this? Do you think we’re overspiritualizing to talk about craving Jesus instead of food? Do you think He cares about your journey to a healthier, trimmer self? What do you think of the car analogy? If you focus differently how will that affect your choices?


It’s about the focus

*From The Made to Crave Devotional by Lysa TerKeurst

Spirit Seeker Sunday 8

Spirit 12 stephen

Let His Spirit move you like water in a stream. Fresh. Flowing. Bubbling. (Photo by Stephen Moldenhauer)

“I am made to live the reality of God’s promises.”

Wow, Lysa, do you have to step on my toes every time? 

Such were my thoughts as I read through Day 9 of the Made to Crave Devotional. It was a few months ago, but I thought I’d share my reaction. You might relate to what I wrote then:

Here’s the honest truth. I’m struggling today. Fighting to focus on God’s promises, to believe His heart for me in the midst of disappointments and stresses. And somehow that all snowballs into not wanting to care about my eating choices. I did a lot of compromises today–eating without being mindful. Eating because I was in a bad mood instead of because I slowed down, thought it through, and chose what to eat.

What’s bugging me as I read today’s devotional is how hard my heart can be even as I read one of my favorite verses, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10).

Oh, Lord! You have given me blessing upon blessing. You have cared for me, showered me with your love, met my needs time and time again. Yet I so quickly let my heart harden, throw my little temper tantrums when things don’t go the way I want, and forget that abundance is from you. I forget all that destroys is not of your hand at all. Forgive me for my lack of faith, for listening to the lies of the enemy, for neglecting instead of embracing all the abundant, life-giving facets of my relationship with you. Come! Fill me with your hope! Take the blinders off my eyes so that I can see the abundance and have life and live it to the full!

Jesus, help me to live in the reality of your promises, not the weakness of compromise.

As I process where I was a few months ago, a couple of thoughts come to mind. The first is how my weakness in compromising, my decision to eat mindlessly to fill emotional pain, is of itself a tool of the one who destroys.

How twisted is that? I reach for food because I’m not looking to the Giver of Good Gift. As I fill my body with what it doesn’t need, my emotions don’t get a bit better. But I play right into the destruction of my goals and of the abundant life God wants to give me by leading me to a physically and emotionally healthier place.

The second thought that comes to mind is how even after days like the one I described, there is victory. Turning to Jesus, one day at a time. Choosing not to let a bad day or two stretch into a bad month or two. Reaching for God’s hand up each time I fall, forgiving myself, and getting back on the road to victory. That’s something easier to see as I write this post now in June. The victory is in my physical health, my new clothes size, and on the scale.

I think it’s in my heart, my mind, and my spirit, too. I think I’m learning to look to God, not food. To press on in hardship. To stand a little taller in my identity as one He loves.

I still trip up sometimes. I probably always will. But the new behavior is becoming more natural and so I choose the path forward one step at a time.

How about you?

What does living in the promises verses the compromises mean in every day life and in weight loss?

Are you intentional about looking to Jesus instead of food to fill those empty places?

Can you forgive yourself when you blow it, reach for God’s hand, and get back on the path to healing?


What does it look like to live in the reality of promise, not compromise?