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Gift Upon Gift

Gift upon Gift.1 musical-notes-symbols-pc57zyxcB

Joy upon Joy.

After I posted last Wednesday something beautiful happened. I got an email offering me a JOB singing WORSHIP music. There are few things I enjoy more than singing, and no singing I love more than music that focuses me on God.

You know, Jesus tells those He cares about not to worry. But that post on Wednesday was related to worry. Maybe someday I’ll tell you the story, but this is not the right time. Anyway, here I am stuffing my emotions and eating my emotions, and not ready to talk to God about my emotions. I mean I know I need to pray, but it was just one of those times I didn’t feel like talking.

So in the middle of all this angst the call comes for this job I applied for. The worship pastor hires me to sing in the church choir. He needs a section leader type who can help carry the sound. I’m thrilled. I mean, really? I’ve been asking God for a little extra income knowing I am not supposed to take a full-time job because He’s asked me to enter more fully into the writing and speaking He asked me to do. For years I’ve also told Him I miss singing. So there He is, LOVE in ACTION, giving me a job that feels like play.

The worship pastor says he knows it is late notice, but I’d be welcome to come early for the church dinner and a lenten service. Now because of this big thing in my life I was trying not to worry about I’d decided about 3 pm to put on my jammies and lose myself in one of my favorite BBC mini-series. Instead I’m putting on makeup and rushing out the door. The soup and salad is wonderful, the people precious and welcoming.

Then the service begins.

I’m not overly familiar with liturgical worship or church calendar, but have sung a lot of high church music over the years in choirs and as a music minor in college. The service was only 30 minutes and a gentle, simple time of reflection. Peace washed over me in the words sung in the liturgy.

God is in control.

He sees.

The pastor encourages us to write out a prayer and place it at one of the crosses at the front of the room. I lay my burden down.

No emotional processing, crying,  or hours of journal writing (which is often my MO). Instead a simple laying down. Trusting.

“Sorry I’ve blown you off all day, Lord,” I whisper.

I feel His gentle answer. He understands a momma’s heart. He knows sometimes it’s just too deep for words. He’s not offended. He knows I couldn’t talk about it yet.

He removes all guilt. He doesn’t comment on my emotional eating or how I should know better. He doesn’t chastise me in any way. That’s simply not His character.

His character is to love even when I don’t open myself up to that love.

Even though I couldn’t seem to formulate a prayer, He answered the wordless prayer of my heart. He set it all up, my Sweet, Sweet, God. Pouring peace and joy in unexpected ways.

He soothed the deep waters of this little momma and made it all okay.

How I love Him.

Until next time,

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Weight Loss Journey Day 15

Trying so hard to put walking into my routine, but I hate to walk alone! Jerry was walking with me, but injured his back, so it hurts him to go with me. I should feel concerned for him—which I do—but I’m just mad!

Walking with him feels like a date. Walking alone is WORK. I hate huffing up that hill without the reward of him next to me! And, if I’m honest, I am fearful of walking by myself. Is that crazy? I guess in these 21 years of being a homeschooling momma, I just haven’t been alone much.

Stephen mts 2012

My sixteen year old who couldn’t stand to see me sad about walking alone that day. It was a one-time offer, lol, but it got me over the hump.

But . . . Stephen to the rescue! Teenagers often get a bum rap, but when he saw how frustrated I was, he offered to walk with me if I helped him prepare for his test as we walked. We walked for almost 50 minutes. He’s better prepared for school, and I got some exercise in. This is what these changes should be like—making them fit into my everyday world!

Real Time Update:

I had to laugh when I read this entry, written 67 days ago. I’m still walking alone, and I LOVE it now. Walking not only makes my body feel terrific, it lifts my spirits, helps me deal with stress, and has become an ADVENTURE. I can’t wait to share some of my walking surprises, but that’s still a couple of blogging weeks away. Oh my goodness. It is SO FREAKIN’ awesome.

How About You?

What is something in the weight loss journey that started out being HARD and turned into a blessing?