Balsamic Chicken (Day 110)

balsamic chicken 2

Balsamic Chicken. The recipe is one of the resources you get in the BENew meal plan when you order the BENew weight loss health products.


Balsamic Chicken is a new favorite!

Low Calorie.



I  cook it in a crock pot so it’s ready when I return in the evening on days I work outside the my home office.

The BENew meal plan, where you can find the recipe, recommends you serve it with whole wheat pasta, but today I made brown rice instead.

Part of my be new journey is learning to cover half my plate in salad before I put anything else there. Today my salad is mixed spring lettuce and baby spinach with a chopped apple and pecans.

I love to light a candle to make everything seem more special. Healthy eating and weight loss shouldn’t be drudgery. Good food is beautiful, and the taste is fabulous!


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